Watch: Stranger gives Jinnytty a reality check about her streaming career

A stranger that appeared on Jinnytty's livestream told her that streaming wasn't cool (Image via Jinnytty/Twitter)
A stranger that appeared on Jinnytty's livestream told her that streaming wasn't cool (Image via Jinnytty/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Jinnytty had her job criticized by a stranger she met during an IRL stream.

The Korean streamer is currently on a trip to Malaysia, with IRL streaming forming a large amount of the trip. When she was out visiting local restaurants and bars, a man approached her and criticized her choice of career, saying:

"This is everything that's wrong with your generation."

A stranger tells Jinnytty that streaming is uncool

Jinny is on a trip to Malaysia, where she is IRL streaming herself exploring the country. In her most recent livestream, she sampled local restaurants and bars on the island of Penang.

While she was on the street having a drink, a man approached her and asked about the selfie stick she was holding. He wondered where she was from, and she responded that she was Korean. She asked him the same question, and he jokingly answered that he was also from Korea before saying he was from the United States.

He asked if she was vlogging her entire night, to which Jinny clarified that she was livestreaming. He said that he was not a fan of streaming, saying it was part of what was wrong with the younger generation.

Jinny defended streaming, saying that it was an incredible experience:

"This is like the coolest thing you could do."

He responded incredulously, not buying that streaming was as cool as she made it out to be. She further elaborated that the different people she's met and places she's gone to make it worthwhile.

"Cause you're traveling all around the world with people all over the world."

The stranger responded by saying there wasn't anything special about what Jinny was doing, asking what made her walk around Penang so interesting to her viewers. His theory was that her fans were simps and told Jinny:

"You're very hot, I think that's the answer."

She defended herself, saying that there are other good qualities about her stream and that it's not about her viewers being attracted to her:

"It's not just that, there are a lot of hot people on the internet."

He responded with another brutal roast directed at her viewers.

"Not the ones following this channel."

While streaming has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, with big streamers seeing success and presence in traditional media, not everyone is on board with it. While many are passionate about streaming as a medium, there are still people out there like this man who think it isn't worthwhile.

Fans react to stranger's take on streaming on Jinnytty's stream

Viewers of the clip on the R/LivestreamFail subreddit expressed why they disagreed with the man's take on streamer culture.

While practically everyone in the comments disagreed with the stranger's take, viewers did appreciate the roast of Jinnytty's Twitch chat.

People also accused the man of trying to get with Jinny, saying that he was "negging" her by making disparaging comments about her job as a streamer.

While it's unfortunate that some people are so passionately against something as innocuous as streaming, it just goes to show that there's still a long way to go before it's as accepted as other entertainment media.

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