Stranger throws Twitch streamer's phone on the ground in a fit of rage, after he notices him filming in public

Image via robcdee/ Twitch
Image via robcdee/ Twitch
Modified 20 Dec 2020

In a shocking act of aggression which was captured on camera recently, a stranger takes offence to a Twitch streamer filming in public, after he assumes that he's recording him.

The Twitch streamer in question is Robcdee, who is known for his IRL streams in Japan. It so happened that during one of his recent streams, he ended up pointing the camera towards a stranger, for a brief moment.

However, this was enough to trigger him, as he flew off his handle and proceeded to get into a scuffle with robcdee.

He doesn't just stop at ordering him around, but also proceeds to knock his phone out of his hand, which causes passers to ultimately step in and defuse the situation.

Stranger takes offence to being recorded on Twitch live stream

In a clip which was shared on Livestream fails on Reddit, robcdee can be seen recording a rather harmless pan shot of a bar, for his Twitch IRL stream, as he then proceeds to make his way out.

However, at the exit, there happens to be one particular stranger who gets into a fit of rage on noticing robcdee's camera pointed towards him.

He can be seen speaking to him in an authoritative manner:

"Remove this video from my face, don't be stupid.....Remove this video, I don't like it. "

As robcdee attempts to explain himself and the fact that his intention was never to record him specifically, the stranger shoves him, which incites a response from Rob:

"Oi, don't get aggressive..hey..."

What comes next, takes him and his Twitch chat by absolute surprise as the stranger yanks robcdee's phone out of his hands and causes it to fall to the floor.

The commotion attracts the interest of his friend who immediately tries to calm things down.

After arguing with one another for a while, the stranger's friend somewhat succeeds in defusing the situation as robcdee attempts to make sense of the entire situation.

Robcdee is an English-born Twitch streamer who was raised in Australia, but currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. He is best known for his IRL streams where he often captures rare occurrences on his Twitch live stream.

In the past Robcdee has encountered a person answering nature's call in the middle of the street to even rescuing a woman from her a stalker.

However, his recent altercation with an enraged stranger will certainly go down as one of his most forgettable experiences in recent memory.

Published 20 Dec 2020
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