Twitch streamer VeeDries hilariously dies in Super Mario 3 

Streamer dies in Super Mario 3 right as they are about to finish the level (Image via Sportskeeda)
Streamer dies in Super Mario 3 right as they are about to finish the level (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Streamer VeeDries tragically failed while playing Super Mario 3, dying right next to the end of the level.

Twitch streamer Vee "VeeDries," who uses they/them pronouns, is an up-and-coming streamer with 20 followers. They stream a variety of "retro games," playing old titles made decades ago for gaming systems like the Nintendo 64.

During one of their latest retro game streams, Vee was playing the platformer Super Mario 3, a game that was released in Japan in 1988.

VeeDries shows off incredibly lucky move right before perishing next to the level's end

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While playing the game, the streamer was commenting on how they were playing, saying that they could do better if they tried to stay up off the ground to avoid enemies.

"I'm telling you, I think high ground is gonna be the safest bet. And here I am, back on low ground, ready to die."

The streamer approached the final major hurdle of the level, a large staircase-like structure that had enemies throwing projectiles that would hurt the player. Vee had no power-ups to take the damage if they got hit, meaning that if they were hit by one of the projectiles, they would have to start from the beginning.

They jumped over their enemies and projectiles, narrowly avoiding death by bouncing on two enemies' heads at the same time. After pulling off this insanely lucky move, VeeDries gasped in shock and excitement as they ran towards the final stretch of the level.

However, that brief moment of happiness would be very brief indeed, as the streamer was killed mere moments later by an enemy placed directly below the finish line. As they ran into the minion, they exclaimed:


Vee had no control over the momentum their character gained as they ran full speed into the enemy, killing them instantly.

The mix of emotions in this clip makes for a great watch, as the insanely lucky double head bounce was quickly followed by an unbelievably unlucky death.

Clips like this can showcase the value of a small streamer, hopefuly showing more and more people that there is a plethera of charming individuals that are waiting to be discovered like VeeDries.

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