Street Fighter 6 World Tour guide: Can you unlock Classic Costumes by playing the single-player mode

Metro City in Streetfighter 6
Metro City in Streetfighter 6's World Tour Mode (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 offers an alternate costume for each playable character, and it can be unlocked in this game’s single-player World Tour mode. These items are among the most discussed things regarding this highly anticipated installment. Referred to simply as Outfit 2 in-game, they offer an alternate look for every single playable character by changing their clothes.

However, to long-time fans of this fighting game franchise, these alternate outfits are known as Classic Costumes.

As their name suggests, they bring back the vintage look of all the returning characters from previous Street Fighter installments. Fans of this franchise who want to experience the nostalgia offered by these items can spend some time in the newest game mode, World Tour, to unlock them.

There are different conditions that must be met to make each character’s respective alternate outfit available. This will encourage players to dive into World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6.

What is the World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6?

World Tour is a single-player, RPG-esque, open-world experience. You start out by making your own avatar through a robust character creator. After that, you can begin exploring the new mode in Street Fighter 6. World Tour allows players to travel the world and learn from and face off against their favorite SF characters.

In this mode, you will pick up different fighting styles, practice your moves, and master the art of combat. You will also be able to learn the signature moves of your favorite characters in the game and add them to your repertoire.


Furthermore, if you are one for aesthetics, this World Tour offers a wide variety of outfits and apparel to equip your created character with. These costumes aren’t just for looks though, as they affect your abilities.

You are given free rein to pick your character’s movesets. As you explore the world, your avatar levels up and receives skill points. As with any RPG, you may use these points to improve your character based on what you think they lack or need. Or you can simply spend them depending on however you wish your character to progress.

There is plenty to do in this mode, and there are several ways to play it, as you work your way to becoming an elite world-class fighter.

Street Fighter 6 releases today, June 2, on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Note: This article will present more information regarding how to unlock Classic Costumes once more information is available.