5 biggest changes in Street Fighter 6

All confirmed characters for Street Fighter 6 (image via Capcom)
All confirmed characters for Street Fighter 6 (image via Capcom)
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Street Fighter 6 was finally announced with a proper trailer at the latest PlayStation State of Play event. The trailer showcased a lot of things that will be a part of the gameplay, and it also managed to raise more than a couple of eyebrows.

This new entry in the Street Fighter series seems to be taking things to a new level, with many changes being made to the overall experience. A host of new features — never before seen in the series — seemingly have made their way to the new game.

With things like a hub world, singleplayer story, and new gameplay mechanics, Street Fighter 6 seems to provide a fresh take on the fighting game genre. Here are 5 of the biggest changes this game will introduce to the series.

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5 new features coming to the franchise with Street Fighter 6

5. A dedicated singleplayer story


While previous Street Fighter games have had a story campaign centered around the characters from the series, Street Fighter 6 is the first time the franchise is giving players a chance to live out their own story. With a possible customizable character, players can take part in the world of Street Fighter from a third person’s viewpoint.

While details on what form the story will take are not yet known, the official website does mention that it will involve making friends and meeting a rival as players make progress on their journey. The gameplay trailer also showcased a large metropolitan city that players can navigate across.

With the mode being dubbed World Tour, players might be able to visit more than one location in the world, with possibly various open and explorable areas available during the storyline. Throughout this story, players will also likely get to learn iconic moves from popular Street Fighter characters.

4. A multiplayer hub

The Battle Hub (image via Capcom)
The Battle Hub (image via Capcom)

The multiplayer side of things is also evolving, with plenty of player-made characters representing different players in the in-game world. As such, a hub world has also been introduced, the Battle Hub. At this hub, players can virtually interact with others, greet and make friends, or start epic rivalries.

Not a great deal is known about the Battle Hub, as it can only be seen for a brief moment in the last few seconds of the trailer. And while the website also remains cryptic about what options the Battle Hub might offer, a look at similar previous games might give an idea regarding how it might work.

Bandai Namco’s Jump Force and Dragon Ball: Xenoverse have a similar system where the player character has access to a hub where other players can interact with them. Aside from simple character interaction, players in Street Fighter 6 might be given the option to challenge others to a duel.

At the very least, a host of merchants for various customizations will probably be available.

3. Drive System

A look at combat utilizing the Drive System (image via Capcom)
A look at combat utilizing the Drive System (image via Capcom)

One of the core changes to the game mechanics is the Drive System, which brings a few alterations to how characters perform certain moves. Initially appearing similar to the EX system of the previous games, the Drive System also allows players to use a larger assortment of moves during the fight.

Represented by a segmented bar that automatically replenishes over time, the bar representing the system starts off at 100 percent at the beginning of each round. Players then have to make judicious use of this system to gain the upper hand in battle. However, if completely depleted characters enter a burnout state, they can be punished by their opponents.

Using the Drive System, players have access to different types of moves, which vary in execution depending on the character. These moves can be one of the following based on how many bars the player has left: Drive Impact, Drive Parry, Overdrive, Drive Rush, and Drive Reversal.

2. Revamped control scheme

A freeze-frame of gameplay from the Street Fighter 6 trailer (image via Capcom)
A freeze-frame of gameplay from the Street Fighter 6 trailer (image via Capcom)

For the first time in Street Fighter history, the control scheme is getting a complete revamp to facilitate the easier execution of super moves. However, old-school fans, who have spent years perfecting their Hadoken stick flick, should not lament as the old-control scheme will still exist as an option.

Designed for players who are new to Street Fighter 6 or fighting games in general, the revamped control scheme allows for a simple fighting style with light, medium, and heavy attacks, along with a dedicated button for one special move. Other abilities may also be triggered using a single button.

Still, the older control scheme with its three different types of punches, kicks, and directional input special movies also exist, which the player can access anytime in the settings.

While the new scheme provides a much smoother experience, the older allows for the special moves to be used by traditional methods.

1. Real-time commentary


Finally, Street Fighter 6 is introducing a real-time commentary feature to all of its matches. Offering the feeling of participating in a real-life esports tournament, the game will contain two actual commentators who will give real-time feedback as the match progresses, getting more and more excited along the way.

Featuring real-life talents like Aru and Jeremy "Vicious" to offer the sensation of a pro tournament event, this game is making an effort to make fights as entertaining as possible.

Aru is a professional esports broadcaster and an official commentator on Street Fighter events, while Jeremy is a lifelong Street Fighter fan who hosts and commentates on the Street Fighter League as well as on Capcom Pro Tours.

With more commentators to be added and announced down the line, this feature seems to be an ingenious way of collaborating with professional partners. For players who prefer a quieter fighting game experience, this option can probably be turned off in the settings.

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