Students perform dance ritual before summoning Ayaka in Genshin Impact, fans react

Ayaka has many devoted fans in the community (Image via Genshin Impact)
Ayaka has many devoted fans in the community (Image via Genshin Impact)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact has one of the most dedicated fanbases in the world, with players actively creating cosplays, fan art, and other unique showcases for their favorite characters.

In the case of this group of students from UC Berkeley, a fan dance ritual was performed in the hopes of raising their chances to summon the powerful 5-star Kamisato Ayaka. These students gathered and performed this choreographed routine based on Ayaka's own in-game dance for the Traveler. Fans can see this fun performance here and learn the steps for their very own dance ritual.

Genshin Impact fans perform a ritual dance to summon Ayaka

Students from the University of California performed dance rituals for Ayaka SummonsWet Socks and the one dude using ping pong bat as a fan 🤣 #Genshin #GenshinImpact #Ayaka #KamisatoAyaka #AyakaKamisato

This group of Genshin Impact fans put together a summoning ritual for Kamisato Ayaka, the game's latest 5-star character. Ayaka has just been featured in her first rerun since her original release, and these students performed the dance in hopes of raising their luck while wishing for her. The dance was a recreation of the special performance that Ayaka puts on for the Traveler near the end of her character quest.

These students went above and beyond when recreating it, down to entering a pool of water just as Ayaka does in-game. Many of the students are even wearing socks and sandals just like she does, and they are also performing with her treasured folding fan. However, one of the students is using a ping pong paddle in place of a fan, and this has drawn quite a bit of laughter from the community.


If players go back and analyze Ayaka's in-game fan dance, they will be amazed to see how accurately these students have recreated it, minus the gusts of ice that Ayaka summons. The level of dedication that these fans are putting into the dance shows just how much they are willing to put on the line for Kamisato Ayaka's latest rerun.

After 13 banners without showing up, Razor is back with Ayaka!!!!!

Ayaka's banner recently went live, bringing her back to the game for the first time since Inazuma's release. She has arrived alongside some powerful 4-stars, including Razor, Sayu, and Rosaria, and the banner is definitely worth summoning on.

Ayaka has remained one of the strongest characters in the game, and with recent additions like Shenhe, she has only gotten better.

@Tuont0 I made an Ayaka Summon Circle for you!… Goodluck on your summons!

Summoning rituals are nothing new in the Gacha community, with players often creating summoning circles and other special charms to try and increase their luck. This group of students has definitely taken it above and beyond though, and fans will need to step up their game if they plan on topping this performance.

Genshin Impact's fans are some of the most dedicated in the world, and this group of students is definitely a step above the rest.

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