Supply Lines in Back 4 Blood explained

Head to the Supply Lines for rewards (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Head to the Supply Lines for rewards (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

Back 4 Blood has a system called Supply Lines which fills the role of cosmetic and upgrade unlocks within the multiplayer game. They can be compared to an optional battle pass, but they are free and have more of an effect on the game.

In Back 4 Blood, players will be able to find the Supply Lines by going to their menus or by going to Fort Hope. As players sift through the Supply Lines section, the list of rewards becomes clear. Everything on that given menu needs to be unlocked in order after choosing a line.

While there are sprays and new skins for players to unlock, cosmetics aren't the only aspect of the Supply Lines. There are also new cards and upgrades to unlock alongside the cosmetic items. With everything combined, there is certainly a lot to work through.

When players initially go to the Supply Lines menu in Back 4 Blood, the Starter Line will need to be completed first. Once all of the unlocks are cleared in the Starter Line, players can look through all of the other available lines. They can begin any line whenever they would like, but each unlock in the line that follows needs to be purchased in order.

To complete all of the Supply Lines, players will need Supply Points in Back 4 Blood, and plenty of them at that.

How to earn Supply Points for Supply Lines in Back 4 Blood


The next step is to begin playing Back 4 Blood and start earning those valuable points. There are a couple of ways to do so that happen in a passive manner.

Completing different chapters and Acts in Back 4 Blood with other players will automatically reward points. The higher the difficulty of the levels, the more points players will receive when they reach the end. In other words, Nightmare difficulty is the best way to farm Supply Points for experienced players in Back 4 Blood.

Accomplishments, which are essentially in-game achievements, are another great way to earn points. Any time accomplishments or milestones are completed, more points will be given out. Accomplishments mixed with beating levels will the best option for farming Supply Points.

It's important to note that solo campaign players will not earn Supply Line points for completing levels upon release, but hopefully that will change in an upcoming update.

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