"Sykkuno is cringe, K-pop is sh*t": Twitch streamer Destiny shares a controversial take 

Destiny shares a controversial take 
Destiny shares a controversial take 
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

In a rather controversial take recently, Twitch streamer Destiny labeled internet sensation Sykkuno as "cringe" and also gave a scathing opinion on K-pop.

Steven Bonnell, aka Destiny, is one of the oldest streamers on Twitch. Despite having a steady fan following, he is also notoriously known for his brazen and controversial takes on a plethora of subjects.

His recent attack upon K-pop culture seems to tie into the recent beef that Twitch streamers had with K-pop stans after 39daph lashed out at toxic fans.

Since then, streamers such as Mizkif, Sodapoppin, and Mikayla have all attempted to troll the K-pop industry for being a breeding ground for toxic fans.

Regarding his "cringe" comment on Sykkuno, it all seems to stem from a recent altercation on stream related to Sykkuno.

From the clip above, it appears that Destiny tends to unnecessarily obsess over Sykkuno's recent upsurge in popularity and his persona, which kind of caters to the anime/K-pop fandom.

Destiny triggers Sykkuno and K-pop fans on Twitch


Sykkuno is one of the most popular YouTubers at the moment, who has been dominating the YouTube charts with his recent Among Us appearances.

Known to exhibit a shy and innocent persona, Sykkuno's camaraderie with fellow streamers such as Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, and more has been one of the major factors behind his immense appeal.

Witty, soft-spoken, humble, and polite are the key traits that define Sykkuno, on account of which he has earned millions of fans across the globe who just can't seem to get enough of the Twitch streamer's wholesomeness.

According to some, it is his immense popularity, which kind of irks Destiny, as explained by a particular Twitter user:

Keeping this in mind, Destiny recently fired another shot at Sykkuno on Twitch before going on to seemingly appreciate his meteoric rise:

"Sykkuno is cringe...I said it, he is! But also, he's doing really well streaming, congratulations to him!"

However, his next statement tears into K-pop culture in a rather harsh manner, as he doesn't mince words in sharing his opinion:

"K-Pop is shit.....The culture around it is f*****g horrible, the people around it are miserable as f**k, the beauty standards are literally unachievable ."
"Garbage culture for garbage people that don't like to interact with or consume content from real breathing human beings..........some of the songs are okay, but that's it"

With his recent comments on Twitch, Destiny may just have invoked the ire of both Sykkuno and K-pop fans, all at once.

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