"Her channel's just gone": Sykkuno defends Pokimane after she gets banned from Twitch

Sykkuno defends Pokimane after she gets banned from Twitch (Image via Wikitubia and Sportskeeda)
Sykkuno defends Pokimane after she gets banned from Twitch (Image via Wikitubia and Sportskeeda)

Fellow streamer and close friend Sykkuno defended Imane "Pokimane" Anys after she was recently banned from Twitch after a DMCA breach.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Sykkuno was roleplaying on the GTA V NoPixel server when he found out that Pokimane's channel was banned by Twitch from their platform. Sykkuno was informed of the ban by viewers in his chat and then tried to figure out the reason for it. He found out about her ban before she announced it on Twitter and exclaimed:

"She didn't tweet about it or nothing. So her channel is just gone. Oh my God!"

Sykkuno defends Pokimane watching copyrighted content on stream by labelling it as 'transformative'

Sykkuno is one of Pokimane's closest friends in the streaming world, with the pair streaming together quite often. Sykkuno found out well before the Twitter-verse did about Pokimane's suspension on Twitch when concerned viewers in his chat let him know about the matter.

When he heard about it, Sykkuno was initially in disbelief. He knew that Pokimane was streaming copyrighted content on her channel. She had been watching the popular animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender on her livestream with thousands of viewers. However, Sykkuno did not think it was enough to get one of the most popular streamers on the purple platform banned.

Sykkuno discussed the incident at length with his viewers and debated if watching the show was the only reason for her getting suspended from the platform. He was aware that many streamers had been watching copyrighted content on livestreams recently, including Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo who was watching the exact same show. He asked his viewers if that was the reason for the ban:

"Was it for what we think it was or?"

Sykkuno then tried to defend his friend Pokimane by saying:

"It can't be, guys. She mirrored it. She mirrored it. That's transformative."

Later in the day, Pokimane tweeted that she had been handed a 48-hour suspension by Twitch. She hinted at the reason for her ban in the tweet by making a reference to the show. She jokingly said on Twitter:

"The fire nation attacked"

Sykkuno took the opportunity to make fun of Pokimane.

He replied to her tweet with a hilarious Monka emote tweet making fun of the incident. Despite his humorous response, it was quite clear that Sykkuno was quite concerned and cares deeply about his close friend.

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