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Sykkuno opens up on relationships and having a girlfriend 

Image via WikiTubia
Image via WikiTubia
Modified 26 Dec 2020, 20:28 IST

During a recent Twitch stream, popular streamer Sykkuno shared his thoughts on relationships and if indeed he has a girlfriend or not.

The 28-year old streamer is one of the most likeable content creators on the internet today, having has amassed an army of loyal fans online.

Recently, during an interactive Q & A session with fans, one viewer happened to ask him a frequently asked question, that being related to his personal love life.

In response, Sykkuno went on to provide a thought provoking answer as he managed to articulate his thoughts quite well on the necessity of relationships vis a vis happiness today.

"Someday someone's going to be in to me": Sykkuno on having a girlfriend

In the clip above, Sykkuno can be seen giving a reply to one particular viewer who asks him if he has a girlfriend or not.


He reveals that he has been asked this question numerous amount of times and his answer remains the same:

"I don't, I don't...but that's okay guys day someone's going to be into me and I'll be very lucky . If it happens , it will happen like I'm not the most cool guy out there , it's fine, it's alright"

He goes on to state that he is perfectly happy and thankful for being surrounded by his friends and that he is no rush to get into a relationship of any sorts.

He also goes on to elaborate a bit more on the nature of relationships and how they aren't really essential towards ensuring one's happiness:

"You don't need a relationship to be happy so ..I'm plenty happy with all of my friends , I've survived twenty something years of my life with no relationship and I'm fine, I'm fine guys!"

With his recent insightful comments, Sykkuno ended up making a stronger case of his wholesomeness, which never fails to win over fans online.

Moreover, with the level of intense scrutiny involved with the life of any content creator today, the mature response on his part is surely heartening to see.

Sykkuno is one of the most popular streamers today, as he continues to grow from strength to strength with each passing month.

Published 26 Dec 2020, 20:28 IST
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