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SypherPK shuts down Fortnite trolls body-shaming female streamer over Isabelle cosplay 

Female Cosplayer Thrives with Pro Support in Toxic Interactions {Image via Sportskeeda}
Female Cosplayer Thrives with Pro Support in Toxic Interactions {Image via Sportskeeda}
Modified 07 Apr 2021

Females enter the gaming community fully expecting to witness at least some negative commentary, especially when it comes to the Fortnite community. Mostly made up of a young demographic, the Fortnite community has unfortunately developed a bit of a negative reputation due to hateful comments being carelessly thrown around.

Just last night, one Fortnite fan took to Twitter to share their appreciation for the game. However, they were met with a lot of unappreciative replies. But then, the pros stepped in.

SypherPK and Fortnite Skin designer support Isabelle cosplayer against trolls

Twitch Partner and Ambassador, Ashley, known as MsAshRocks, both on Twitter and Twitch, expressed her appreciation for a new Fortnite Season 6 skin by cosplaying none other than the mystical Isabelle.

With a strikingly similar vibe to that of the character, MsAshRocks donned Isabelle's iconic hairstyle and outfit. The streamer took to Twitter to share her look with the community.

Immediately, the cosplay attempt was met with negative commentary regarding MsAshRocks' weight. Comment after comment was published in response to her photos reflecting her appreciation for Fortnite - appreciation that certain members of the community clearly do not deserve to witness.

While females, especially women of color, often receive degrading comments within the gaming and cosplaying communities, it is still shocking to see such interactions unfold.

Communities for games like Fortnite and many others with fanbases both large and small, should be a place for people with common interests to come together and share their love for such things.

While we at Sportskeeda absolutely adored Ashley's cosplay, it was fellow Fortnite streamers and professionals that offered immense support to the female gamer in the heat of the action.


Commentary attempting to bring down the Fortnite streamer MsAshRocks was challenged by none other than SypherPK himself, who directly reminded a particularly toxic player that the community is watching who they really are.

While the commentary from SypherPK is slightly ironic in suggesting he might "cyberbully" a cyberbully, the commentary truly reflects the pro's position of not tolerating players hurting others simply for entertainment and a laugh.

Along with SypherPK, major content creators such as Ceez[+] and DrLupo offered encouraging comments to the streamer and cosplayer, while directly shutting down aimlessly hateful attitudes.


Perhaps the most exciting compliment Ashley received came from the actual Isabelle skin designer themselves, Denni.

Clearly grateful and elated to be supported by streamers she supports and so many others, MsAshRocks focuses on all of the positivity her photos received.

While negative comments fueled by such senseless toxicity are commonplace in the gaming community, their presence does not have to be accepted nor acknowledged. Ashley focused on the host of positive comments given to her, both regarding the toxicity and simply because she absolutely rocked the cosplay.


Radiating the energy of a strong woman, MsAshRocks acknowledged the overwhelming support she received and let Twitter know that she will always be herself whether she is supported or not.

Female gamers, with their many intersectional identities included, often face senseless toxicity. The particularly negative commentary within the Fortnite community is becoming increasingly worse. However, Fortnite players and people everywhere will do well to learn from SypherPK and others as they promote positivity within the community.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 22:01 IST
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