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"That's enough cringe for the month": Nickmercs reacts to his Fortnite "Chug Jug with you" meme

Image via NickMercs
Image via NickMercs
Modified 25 Mar 2021

The "Chug Jug With You" meme was sent to Nickmercs, and it's safe to say that his reaction was hilarious.

The video Nickmercs received was a version where someone took Nickmercs' likeness and made it look like he was singing Chug Jug With You. It's hilarious watching the video of Nickmercs, as it really seems like he's having fun, even though its not really him. The lyrics are as follows:

“We gotta number one victory royale / yeah Fortnite we bout to get down (get down) / Ten Kills on the board right now / Just wiped out tomato town / My friend just got downed / I revived him now we’re heading southbound / Now we’re in the Pleasant Park Streets / Look at the map / go to the marked sheet”

The reaction is even better, as Nickmercs obviously hates this version of "Chug Jug With You." He just stares at it with a face of disappointment mixed with disbelief. When the "Chug Jug With You" video is done, he expresses his displeasure and wants to pretend the video never existed.

The video is especially funny because Nickmercs doesn't like to mess around, as he really takes his gaming very seriously. After the video, he says:

“That’s enough cringe for the month, maybe… Is it March? I’m good.”

Secretly, he probably really liked it and didn’t want to admit it.

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Chug Jug With You is a pretty popular song, despite Nickmercs not liking it

“Chug Jug With You" is a popular song that’s been spreading across TikTok. The theme is taken from “American Boy” by Estelle, and the words are changed to sound like Fortnite. The 2018 song is sung by what appears to be a young boy.


Besides spreading across TikTok like a wildfire, it really shows the old ways of Fortnite.

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Published 25 Mar 2021, 00:42 IST
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