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The best build for Technomancer in Outriders

The best build for Technomancer in Outriders (Image via Outriders, Square Enix)
The best build for Technomancer in Outriders (Image via Outriders, Square Enix)
Modified 04 Apr 2021

The Technomancer incorporates the best of both worlds in Outriders, long-range support, and sniping capabilities

Due to the class' specialty, the best build for Technomancer in Outriders will depend on player choice and situation. However, the best way to play this class is through long-range support.

Technomancers can be considered as long-range support specialists that possess the best healing abilities among the four classes. The class also utilizes a wide range of deadly contraptions to deal with pesky foes.

The basic class traits for Technomancer are:

  1. Long-range weapon damage increased by 15%.
  2. Skill Leech increased by 15%.
  3. Weapon Leech increased by 15%.

There's no doubt that the others classes are fun to play and experiment with; however, the Technomancer hits home with its support ability and long-range offensive capabilities.

Owing to its specialization, it goes without saying that the best build for Technomancer in Outriders is long-range support with status inflictions.

The class is excellent at utilizing gadgets and remote weaponry to freeze opponents in place. Unlike other classes, the Technomancer regains health via skill and weapon leech. In short, the more players attack, the more they heal.


Despite the fact that the class cannot heal as much by killing a single target, it goes well with the playstyle of the long-range support build. Stacking debuffs on enemies to assist teammates and shooting from a distance will be the main goal.

Now that the basics have been covered, it's time to look at the best build for Technomancer in outriders.

The best build for Technomancer in outriders

There are a couple of ways in which players can build the Technomancer in-game. However, the most effective build is that of support. As stated before, this class excels at long-range combat and contraptions.


Staying true to the long-range support aspects is the best build for Technomancer in outriders.

As a support class, the primary role will be to debuff enemies and stop them from harassing teammates. With the ability to use gadgets and traps from the get-go, the Technomancer is a force to be reckoned with.

Scrapnel is a proximity grenade and is a great way of flushing out enemies from hiding, giving teammates the chance to take some great shots.

Another must-have is the Pain Launcher, which deals large area damage and is great at taking out enemies concentrated in groups.

On the flip side, the Cryo Turret and Blighted Turret can be used to inflict status effects such as freeze and toxic damage on enemies to wear them down over time.


Lastly, Fixing Waves is a unique skill that helps bind everything together. It can be used to heal turrets and teammates alike regardless of the player's distance from them. These skills are essential to create the best build for Technomancer in Outriders.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 17:41 IST
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