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The best Chopper loadout in COD Mobile

Best loadout for a Chopper in COD Mobile
Best loadout for a Chopper in COD Mobile
Brandon Moore
Modified 24 Oct 2020, 23:41 IST

There are a lot of weapons that have come to COD Mobile as it celebrates its first anniversary. Season 11 is here with so much new content, but there should not be any forgetting of the content that came before. Some COD Mobile weapons from earlier seasons are just as vital in the game as ever.

One of those guns is the Chopper. An LMG is good for one thing, and that is mowing down enemies. The best Chopper loadout in COD Mobile will increase the weapon's accuracy, mobility, and overall control.

The best COD Mobile Chopper loadout

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision


Muzzle: OWC Light Suppressor

The OWC Light Suppressor gives no negatives to the Chopper loadout in COD Mobile. This attachment silences the LMG and increases the damage range.

Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip

The Strike Foregrip decreases the movement speed, which doesn't do too much since the Chopper LMG already makes COD Mobile players drag along. The positives come in the form of vertical recoil control, and ADS bullet spread accuracy.


Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical

This laser attachment does make the laser visible from the Chopper to other COD Mobile players. However, it does increase the ADS speed, and ADS bullet spread accuracy.

Ammunition: 120 Round Reload

This is a pretty straightforward ammunition attachment that helps with the Chopper's reload speed. Players won't have to wait forever for the weapon to reload so that they can get back into the fight a lot quicker.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Stippled Grip Tape lowers the ADS bullet spread accuracy, but not enough to undo the boost from other attachments. It raises the ADS speed and helps with sprint-to-fire speed a little bit.


Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision

Red: Lightweight

Lightweight helps with the sluggishness of the Chopper LMG. Sprinting speed is increased by 10%.

Green: Toughness

Aiming down the sight and just unloading on players is a good move for COD Mobile's Chopper. Toughness reduces the flinch from damage received by 60%, making it easier to keep the weapon under control while under fire.


Blue: Dead Silence

Dead Silence is just a fantastic perk to have, no matter the class. Players get silent movement, along with the silent weapon. It makes it much easier to move about the map without being detected.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinion of others regarding the best Chopper loadout in COD Mobile.

Published 24 Oct 2020, 23:41 IST
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