The best IVs for Centiskorch in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Centiskorch can deal with many Pokemon in the Galar Region, but it needs the right amount of IVs in order to do so.

Most trainers who catch a Centiskorch will, in all likelihood, be running a Coil set. Coil is too strong of a move to ignore, buffing both Defense and Attack in one turn. Fortunately, Centiskorch has a great stat spread for a Coil set, but without IVs and a good nature, it won’t be very effective. Centiskorch was also one of the lucky few to get a Gigantamax form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Boosting its Defense with a Coil before going into Gigantamax can be too much for other Pokemon to deal with. These are the IVs Centiscorch is going to need to do its job well:

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The best IVs for Centiskorch in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

There is one essential stat for Centiskorch, and that is Special Defense. This Fire-type bug definitely benefits from other stats, but Special Defense is priority number one. The reason why Centiskorch should have many IVs in this stat is that, with Coil, the Pokemon will get its other stats buffed. If Centiscorch can take both physical and special attacks, it’s going to be so well protected from damage that it will stay healthy while attacking the enemy.

Defense is another stat that Centiskorch wants IVs in. It’s not as much of a life or death matter as Special Defense, but the Pokemon can benefit greatly from high Defense. This is because Centiscorch can be in front of a strong physical attacker, and it will need to sustain at least a couple of attacks while it boosts up.

For instance, say that Centiskorch is in front of a Weavile. This is a great position. If Centiskorch can get one Coil in, it can Leech Life back all the damage it takes as well as KO Weavile. What if, though, Centriskorch has poor Defense? It might not take two Throat Chops if it's under-leveled. It also might not be able to afford losing its item to a Knock Off. If Centiscorch has at least a passable Defense, though, it can survive whatever Weavile throws at it, boost up, and potentially become equipped to deal with the entire opposing team.

To have a perfect Centiscorch, it needs IVs in both of these stats as well as Attack. Centiscorch has a base 115 Attack, and it would be a shame to let that stat go to waste. Without the Attack IVs, Centiscorch would have to Coil twice or three times to actually damage opposing Pokemon. There are many difficult battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Centiskorch will rarely be in position to Coli twice.

There is the possibly, too, that a trainer will choose to not use Coil. Centiscorch can easily work while simply using strong attacks. Coil might be more strategic, but this other set is perfectly acceptable. For this to work, though, the Pokemon will definitely need a strong Attack stat.

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