The best IVs for Grimmsnarl in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Haydunn
Image via Haydunn
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Grimmsnarl is one of the most unique Pokemon in the Galar Region, and it can be one of the most powerful too with good IVs.

Any trainer who uses Grimmsnarl gets a fair amount of freedom since the Pokemon’s movepool offers so many options. Grimmsnarl can run a more defensive set by setting up screens, or run an offensive set with strong attacks like Play Rough and Crunch. It is also one of the many Pokemon that gets access to Bulk Up, easily one of the best moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield. On top of all that, Grimmsnarl gets an impressive Gigantamax form with G-Max Snooze, a move that puts both targets to sleep on the next turn. These IVs will work great on Grimmsnarl.

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The best IVs for Grimmsnarl in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

The best Grimmsnarls will have a lot of IVs in the Attack stat. This Dark-type and Fairy-type Pokemon gets 120 base Attack. With some good IVs and a good nature behind it, Grimmsnarl can run a simple attacking set just fine.

Good Attack IVs will also help Bulk Up Grimmsnarl inflict damage. Because it gets access to Prankster, Grimmsnarl is one of the best Bulk Up users in the game because it can always get a Bulk Up first. Once the ball gets rolling, Grimmsnarl can become both immensely defensive and incredibly strong at the same time. If this Pokemon then enters Gigantamax Form as well, almost nothing can stop it.

As with many Bulk Up users, Grimmsnarl also wants a good share of IVs in Special Defense. This way, it can be well protected against special attacks before it starts boosting its defense. Grimmsnarl isn’t very fast (60 base speed) which is why taking hits well is so important for the Pokemon.

Strong Special Defense on Grimmsnarl also pairs well with Spirit Break, one of its signature moves. This attack has a secondary effect that lowers the Special Attack stat of the target. With this move and Bulk Up, Grimmsnarl can raise its Defense while lowering the opponent's Special Attack. This makes Grimmsnarl a pain to try and take down after it gets the right buffs.

While its Attack is strong, if anyone happens to get a Grimmsnarl with low Attack IVs but high Special Attack IVs, it may still be valuable. Grimmsnarl has a decent Special Attack (base 95) as well as access to Nasty Plot. With these two things combined, Grimmsnarl can use strong special attacks like Dark Pulse and Dazzling Gleam.

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