The best moveset for Blastoise in Pokemon Red and Blue

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Pokemon Red and Blue can be a difficult game, and the competitive scene is very tough as well.

Preparation is key in a Pokemon battle. Player have to be ready for a multitude of situations and being able to deal with them. Blastoise can be an extremely strong Water Pokemon if used correctly. Here is the best moveset for Blastoise in Pokemon Red and Blue. This will cover both the main game story and competitive.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

The best moveset for Blastoise in Pokemon Red and Blue

The competitive side

  • Move 1 Surf
  • Move 2 Blizzard
  • Move 3 Body Slam
  • Move 4 Earthquake

Honestly, Blastoise isn't particularly too great in OU (Over Used) in competitive, but it excels in UU (Under Used).

These tiers are best explained as a tier list, and in OU any Pokemon except Mewtwo is allowed. In UU there is a big list of Pokemon that are too good for that tier. OU is flooded with better Water Pokemon like Lapras and Starmie, but in UU, Blastoise succeeds.

Surf is its best STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) move and deals huge damage. Blizzard is great for coverage, and can destroy pesky Grass Pokemon that give it a hard time. Body Slam is just a strong attack that can potentially paralyze the opponent, while Earthquake is great for hitting Gengar.

A couple of different options could be Mimic, since Blastoise doesn't need Earthquake in UU because Gengar isn't in it but it can still hit Electabuzz in UU. Seismic Toss is good for consistent damage since it always deals damage equal to its level, and counter can be useful as well. Substitute is cheeky, but a decent option.

Some difficult matchups include Zapdos, as it can take a Blizzard head on and counter attack with Thunderbolt. Venusaur also lives in a Blizzard fairly easily and can return the blow with a Razor Leaf.

Most Electric Types are faster than Blastoise, so it may not be able to Earthquake in time. Also, Lapras and Chansey both wall it out entirely, and may have Thunderbolt to return OHKO.

The campaign side

The moveset itself won't differentiate much as it's just the best moves for damage. An all-out attacker is really the best for Blastoise since it doesn't get many good non-damaging moves. However, Surf is a no-brainer for the moveset as it provides the most STAB damage in the game.

Blizzard is great for dealing with the Lance battle. Blizzard can be a good effort against the Champion's Venusaur as well, but may end up not being enough. Earthquake deals with a lot of Pokemon very well too, while, of course, Body Slam just does a bunch of damage.

With a good supporting team, the players starting Blastoise can be very comfortable and can take down a lot of the game with ease.

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