Top 5 Pokemon battles from the anime series

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon anime is some of the best ways for fans to experience the creatures, lore, and fun of Pokemon.

Throughout multiple decades, the Pokemon anime series has traveled region to region. Ash and Pikachu have been on some incredible adventures.


In those incredible adventures, there have been some incredible battles. Time and time again, fans have witnessed heartbreaking and pride-filled Pokemon battles.

What is the best-ever Pokemon battle from the anime series?

#5 - Ash vs. Lt. Surge (Rematch)


The second Pokemon battle between Ash and Lt. Surge saw the youngster from Pallet Town win a gym badge for the first time with no shenanigans. Lt. Surge's Raichu was too much for Ash's Pikachu. The two did not want to give up, however, and formed a sound strategy.

Another go at it saw Pikachu defeat Raichu with various agile moves that left Lt. Surge's Pokemon exhausted. It fell to a powerful attack from Pikachu's tail after it absorbed electricity from Raichu.

#4 - Ash vs. Sawyer (Luminose Conference)


In the Kalos League, Ash suffered a heartbreaking championship defeat. Before that, though, one of his best outings took place against Sawyer. This was their fifth battle, in which the fourth went to Sawyer, and was as intense as any within the Pokemon anime series.

The Battle Bond between Ash and Greninja formed Ash-Greninja vs. Sawyer's Mega Sceptile. It was a back and forth fought that had viewers on the edge of their seats. Finally, an ultra-powerful Water Shuriken fainted Mega Sceptile and propelled Ash to a thrilling victory.

#3 - Ash vs. Paul (Lily of the Valley Conference)


Ash prevailing over Paul was one of Pokemon's most satisfying victories. The quarter-finals of the Sinnoh League was the stage for this battle. It was Ash and his Pokemon's friendship and bond versus the weaponized and brutally powerful Pokemon of Paul.

Paul abandoned ash's Infernape as a young Chimchar. The climax saw Infernape rise and defeat Paul's Electivire. This proved that nurturing Pokemon and befriending them is much more powerful than being strict and abusing the creatures.

#2 - Ash vs. Gary (Silver Conference)


Gary Oak is the true first rival to Ash Ketchum. "Smell ya later" echoes in the minds of Pokemon fans the world over. When Ash and Gary faced off in the Johto League, it was not just a win for Ash, but a win for anyone who invested their time in Pokemon. While Gary became much more humble, he was still the man that tormented Ash from the beginning.

The six-on-six quarter-finals battle was a true showcase from each trainer. Ash was on the ropes, but his bond with Charizard was finally created. Charizard entered as the last Pokemon for Ash and wiped the floor with Gary's remaining creatures.

#1 - Ash vs. Professor Kukui (Alola League)


While not as intense or personal as some of the other battles, this is the most important battle that Ash has ever taken part in thus far. The Pokemon anime series saw Ash battle so many opponents but never reached the peak. The Alola League was finally the peak.

Ash and Kukui went toe to toe until Tapa Koko arrived at the side with the professor and test Ash. Ash did not back down from the challenge and put his trust in Pikachu. Z-Move vs. Z-Move took this battle to the end. Pikachu overcame the Guardian of Alola, and Ash finally became a League Champion.

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