The best moveset for Centiskorch in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Amino Apps
Image via Amino Apps
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One of only two Fire/Bug-type Pokemon in existence, Centiskorch is a great newcomer in Pokemon Sword and Shield with a surprisingly deep movepool.

Many of Centiskorch’s moves involve inflicting passive damage. Moves like Wrap and Fire Spin can trap Pokemon and slowly lower their health over time. Centiskortch also gets access to Coil, a great move that increases Attack, Defense and Accuracy all at once. Centiskorch’s G-Max move, Centiferno, hits Pokemon hard as well as having a Fire Spin effect that traps opponents and deals some damage over the next five turns. These are the best moves to run on Centiskorch.

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The best moveset for Centiskortch in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Seeing as Coil is so valuable, a Coil set for Centiskorch is recommended. From there, it’s really just a matter of deciding which attacks to throw on. To really capitalize on Centiskorch’s power, however, the best moves to use would be a Fire move, a Bug move, and third coverage move.

  • -Coil
  • -Fire Lash
  • -Leech Life
  • -Crunch

Centiskorch has the perfect stats to use Coil. It has a decent Special Defense (90) but low Physical Defense (65). This means that, after Coil raises its defense, Centiskortch becomes bulky against both types of attacks. It can shrug off damage and deliver huge blows back.

Fire Lash is the Fire move of choice for Centiskorch. A 75 base power move may not be all too appealing, but considering that it lowers the opponent’s defense as well, it can get exponentially more powerful. Also, after a Coil or two, it won’t matter because Centiskorch will be so strong that Fire Lash will destroy any incoming Pokemon anyways. This is much preferred to Fire Fang, which has a low base power, and Flare Blitz, which has recoil damage.

Leech Life with Coil is a match made in heaven. So, on the turn that Centiskortch uses Coil, it is open to be attacked. It may end up with strong defenses, but it still doesn’t want to be left with too little health. If Centiskorch uses Leech Life, however, it can heal up all the damage it took while it was boosting its stats. Centiskortch will then be a Pokemon with immense strength, high defense, and revived health. Not too many enemies can deal with Centiskorch after that unless they’re a Rock-type Pokemon.

Crunch is just a good choice for coverage. Not many Pokemon resist Dark type moves, so it’s guaranteed damage on most things. There are also many Ghost-type Pokemon in the game that should perish from a Crunch from Centiskorch. The other big fourth move option is Power Whip, but it won’t become as useful. Power Whip is really good against Water-type Pokemon and Rock-type Pokemon. The battles that feature these Pokemon (Nessa’s Water Gym and Gordie’s Rock gym), though, already destroy Centiskorch as it is. So Power Whip would never really come into play. Crunch is more useful in most situations.

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