The best moveset for Dracovish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
Brandon Moore
Modified 04 Mar 2021

Dracovish is one of the most powerful Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield.

The Fossil Pokemon is the mashup of two different fossils in a group of four different creatures. Early in Sword and Shield's competitive battle life, Dracovish was a force to be reckoned with.

Counters, naturally, have popped up since then. That hasn't stopped diehard Dracovish fans from using it as a means to dominate other Pokemon. With the right moveset, Dracovish can destroy an opposing trainer's team.

The best moveset for Dracovish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Fishious Rend

Fishious Rend is Dracovish's signature move. It effectively has 382 base power if its Ability is Strong Jaw and hits first. It is a STAB move and doubles in power if Dracovish goes first. Giving Dracovish the Choice Scarf and the increased Speed will ensure it strikes first. This is especially useful if a teammate Pokemon is setting up with Tailwind or Max Airstream.


Strong Jaw increases the power of Dracovish's biting moves. Crunch is a super powerful biting attack in the Dark-type category. It also has a chance to lower the target Pokemon's Speed stat. Remember that Choice Scarf only allows the use of one move, so choose wisely. Switching it out or Dynamaxing resets it and allows for another move to be used.

Psychic Fang

Psychic Fang is another strong biting move. It gives Dracovish incredible coverage against Fighting or Poison-type. Dracovish is only weak against Dragon and Fairy-types, but there are plenty of other team members who can handle them. This is especially true if Dracovish goes first, does massive damage, and is able to withstand a hit.


The last move in the set will be Earthquake. Earthquake is just a simple and devastating attack that does damage to every Pokemon on the field. There are those that can avoid or resist Earthquake, but there are a lot of Pokemon this will do serious harm to. Earthquake is one of the most powerful moves in all of Pokemon and gives Dracovish another maneuver to faint teams with.

Published 04 Mar 2021
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