The best moveset for Lapras in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Dot Esports
Image via Dot Esports
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One of the original 150 Pokemon, Lapras, has returned in Generation VIII and offers a unique combination of defensive utility and offensive power.

The value of Lapras is only enhanced by the introduction of Dynamax, since Lapras’ Gigantimax move, G-Resonance, is one of the best in the game. While regular Lapras is a fine Pokemon, if it’s found in any Max Raid battle, any player should at least make an attempt to catch it. Outside of dealing a sizeable amount of damage, G-Resonance also creates a field condition similar to Aurora Veil where incoming attacks get their damage reduced for five turns. This is an incredibly helpful mechanic, since not only will Lapras become harder to KO, but in doubles it can be paired with a defensive Pokemon that will benefit from the damage reduction as well. This is the best moveset for Lapras:

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The best moveset for Lapras in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Attack of the Fanboy
Image via Attack of the Fanboy

With a phenomenal HP stat (130), Lapras is great at taking damage while using strong attacks to wear down opponents. This moveset features powerful moves with recovery to ensure Lapras' heatlh.

  • Life Dew
  • Ice Beam
  • Hydro Pump
  • Thunderbolt/Thunder

Life Dew may not heal up the most amount of health (25%), but it is very useful in doubles since it also heals up Lapras’ partner. Lapras, for instance, could be in a doubles match with Gyarados. Setting up a Dragon Dance can put Gyarados in a great position, but it needs to survive a turn to do so. Healing up Gyarados with a Life Dew can ensure that Gyarados stays at enough health to set up and destroy the opponent. It also comes in handy if the trainer runs out of healing items.

Ice Beam is simply the best Ice-Type move in the game and should be on any Ice-Type Pokemon. Lapras can make good use of it with a base Special Attack of 85 as well. More importantly, though, Ice Beam is necessary to give G-Max Resonance a high damage output.

Hydro Pump is there as a high powered Water-type move. Trainers can use different moves for higher accuracy if they desire, like Sparkling Aria or Surf. Hydro Pump simply does more damage, and at 80 accuracy, it will only miss occasionally. Hydro Pump also creates a powerful Max Geyser that can set up rain to increase the move's power.

Both Thunderbolt and Thunder have a role on Lapras for different reasons. In most cases, Thunderbolt is preferred. It’s more accurate, does a decent amount of damage, and hits many different Pokemon. Of course, it doesn’t hit Ground-type Pokemon, but that isn’t an issue for Lapras who is Water-type. Since Lapras also resists Water moves, which Thunderbolt hits for super effective damage, this also makes Lapras a phenomenal counter to Water-type Pokemon.

Thunder becomes a better option when Dynamax and Gigantimax come into play. Since Lapras should be carrying a strong water move, Lapras can set up rain with Max Geyser. To take advantage of this, Lapras can Max Geyser on the last turn of its Dynamax of Gigantimax, and then it gets a 100% accurate Thunder. An even cleverer strategy is to max Lightning before hand. This way, Lapras will get a terrain boosted Thunder that won’t miss!

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