The best moveset for Rhydon in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

Anyone who comes across a Rhyhorn at the Safari Zone in Pokemon Red and Blue is very lucky, because Rhydon is among the most elite Pokemon in the game.

Not only does Rhydon have a ridiculously high attack stat (130), but it’s high defenses and HP also make it a walking tank. Nothing that isn’t a Water-type or Grass-type Pokemon is taking this thing down.

It also has access to some incredibly strong attacks, including Earthquake, which is arguably the best move in the game. Aside from Earthquake, Rhydon also gets a wide variety of other moves. A player could probably beat Pokemon Red and Blue with only Rhydon and a few supporting members. Rhydon is at its best with these moves:

The best moveset for Rhydon in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via Tons of Facts
Image via Tons of Facts

With the stats that it has, there’s nothing better for Rhydon than giving it four attacks and letting it steamroll opposing Pokemon. These moves give it enough coverage to hit most Pokemon it may encounter. They also do really well against many of the game's Gym battles and Elite Four battles.

  • -Earthquake
  • -Rock Slide
  • -Strength
  • -Submission

Earthquake should require no explanation. 100 base power and 100% accuracy make it a must-have on any Pokemon that can learn the move. The fact that Rhydon is a Ground type makes Earthquake even stronger, since attacks that are the same type as the Pokemon using them get a bonus. Flying-type Pokemon are probably the only ones that won’t fold to an Earthquake from Rhydon.

Well, considering that only Flying-types can deal with damage from Earthquake, what better move to pair it with than a move that deals with Flying-types? Rock Slide is another powerful move, especially on Rhydon, as it can deal with Pokemon that Earthquake won’t KO.

This comes in handy for many matches, especially against Elite Four member Lance, who specializes in Flying Pokemon. Players can grab the technical machine for Rock Slide by giving the girl on top of Celadon Dept. Store a soda.

In order to beat Pokemon Red and Blue, players will need to move boulders around. Therefore, why not give Strength to a Pokemon that can really use it. A Strength from Rhydon will punish most Pokemon in the game. At 80 base power and 100 accuracy, Strength isn’t too bad of a move. Giving it to Rhydon also frees up move slots on other Pokemon, making it less necessary for the player to run an HM Slave.

80% accuracy is never fun, but Submission is still a great move for Rhydon. Considering that Rock-type Pokemon resist Normal moves, Submission allows Rhydon to be a great counter to Normal-types. Strong fighting moves are always valuable because that is the only type that hits Normal for super effective damage.

There are also quite a number of Normal-type Pokemon that can be a pain to deal with, especially a certain Snorlax outside of Vermillion City. While that may be one of the toughest Pokemon to deal with, it’s no problem for Rhydon.

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