The best moveset for Tyranitar in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Pokemon caption
Image via Pokemon caption
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Making a return from the Johto Region, Tyranitar is flat out one of the hardest-hitting Pokemon in Generation VIII.

One look at its stats and it’s clear to see why Tyranitar is a treasure among Pokemon. It may not be so fast, but with 100 base HP and 110 base Defense, this Pokemon can outlive any enemy. Not only is it physically bulky, but it also has 100 base Special Defense. Tyranitar’s main ability, Sand Stream, raises a sandstorm when the Pokemon enters the battle. This is great, as a Rock-type Pokemon, Tyranitar gets its Special Defense doubled in sand. Basically, no Special Attacker is even going to scratch this Pokemon. This is coupled with a fearsome base 134 Attack stat which solidifies Tyranitar’s status as one of the most bulky attackers in the game. Tyranitar can carry a team through Pokemon Sword and Shield with this moveset:

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The best moveset for Tyranitar in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

Tyranitar was so fortunate to finally have access to a Dragon Dance TR. In past games, players would have to breed Larvitar to get Dragon Dance as an egg move. With Tyranitar’s considerable durability, it’s an ideal candidate for a Dragon Dance user, since it can sustain several hits while it boosts up.

  • Dragon Dance
  • Stone Edge
  • Crunch
  • Heavy Slam

Considering that the one stat Tyranitar is somewhat lacking is Speed (61), Dragon Dance is a great move for it. Very few Pokemon can deal with a Tyranitar with Dragon Dance, since the Pokemon has a tremendous Attack as well as a deep movepool.

Stone Edge is Tyranitar’s strongest move. With the same type attack boost, not too many Pokemon will like taking a 100 base power move, especially after a Dragon Dance. Rock Slide is also an option, since Stone Edge is only 80% accurate. Rock Slide pales in comparison, however, to the power of Stone Edge. It is worth the risk at times.

Crunch is another great move that allows Tyranitar to deal with the many Psychic-type and Ghost-type Pokemon in the game. Several of the strongest Pokemon in the Galar Region are weak to Crunch (Aegislash, Dragapult, Slowbro and Gengar to name a few). It’s also more reliable than Stone Edge, albeit slightly less powerful. Trainers may want to use Crunch for reliable damage, so they only have to click Stone Edge when Crunch won’t be effective.

Heavy Slam is incredibly useful for one big reason: Fairy-type Pokemon. Tyranitar is weak to Fairies since it is Dark-type. Due to its defenses, however, it can survive many Fairy attacks and then retaliate with a super effective Heavy Slam. Tyranitar also weighs 445 pounds, so the move is guaranteed to deal considerable damage.

Since its movepool is so deep, Tyranitar has many other options for its last move. It learns Earthquake by level up, which is never a bad move to teach any Pokemon. Tyranitar also gets access to elemental punches, Outrage, Superpower, and even Giga Impact. Heavy Slam is simply useful for patching up the Fairy weakness.

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