The best Roblox extensions to download

Use these extensions to expand on the original client (Image via Roblox)
Use these extensions to expand on the original client (Image via Roblox)
Brady Meyers

Roblox extensions can be a fantastic way to expand on features that are either missing or have limited implementation on the original website.

Picking the wrong extension can be a disaster as it may introduce viruses and malware on one's device. Therefore, players have to tread carefully when downloading extensions. Luckily, the best Roblox extensions to download are also safe to use, and some of them are mentioned in this article.

Note: None of the Roblox extensions listed below alter gameplay in any way. They are strictly for adding new tools and utilities to the original web client, unlike the FPS Unlocker.

Roblox extensions that are highly resourceful

4) Roblox Friend Removal Button

There is nothing more frustrating than removing friends. First, players have to find the individual they wish to unfriend. After that, they have to visit the profile of the person in question. Only then can that person be unfriended.

With the Roblox Friend Removal Button extension, a button is added to the corner of every name in the Friends List. Simply click on the button and that friend is removed. Bear in mind, however, that it won’t request a confirmation. Therefore, it’s important to be entirely certain before deleting a friend.

3) Roblox Statistics

Reveals information most players aren't privy to (Image via Kohl)
Reveals information most players aren't privy to (Image via Kohl)

For players heavily invested in sales, Robux and trading, Roblox Statistics is a great tool. It provides extra stats that the average player normally can't see. Want to know the number of times a catalog item was sold? It shows the number of sales. Want to know how many players bought a game? It appears right on the game page.

2) BTRoblox

There are a handful of features the original web client has that could be made snappier. With the BTRoblox extension, that becomes a reality.

For example, searching for a player requires using the search function, going to the Players tab, then finding them amongst the search results. BTRoblox cuts down on travel time by revealing the player’s profile in the search bar immediately. It even shows when players were last online.

1) Roblox Plus

While Roblox Plus and BTRoblox are similar in nature, Roblox Plus has several features that aren’t available with the latter. It, too, aims to clean up the web client.

Roblox Plus has a nifty tracker for Robux, which keeps a record of one's history going as far back as a month. It’s the perfect companion feature considering Roblox Plus also shows a player’s RAP rating. That’s essential for traders. It also adds a way of showing server capacity for games.

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