The best Trickster build in Outriders after the update

The best build for Tricksters in Outriders after the nerf in the new update (Image via Outriders Fandom)
The best build for Tricksters in Outriders after the nerf in the new update (Image via Outriders Fandom)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

After the recent nerf to the Trickster class in Outriders with the new update that was released on April 9, many players have been left wondering about the best possible build for the class.

Given that the Trickster class in Outriders posed a massive amount of firepower, the nerfs are justified. However, despite the notable nerf, this specific class in Outriders can still dish out massive amounts of damage using modified builds on the skill tree.

Additionally, there are various legendary-tier weapons and armor that compliment the character's build for dishing out massive bursts of firepower even after the update.


This article features the ideal skill tree build for the Assassin specialty available for the Trickster class in Outriders.

Note: This article solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

The best build for Assassin specialty for Tricksters in Outriders

There are certain upgrade points available for players in the Trickster class' skill tree in Outriders, which presents the player with highly enhanced weapon damage and increases armor piercing. These specific upgrade points are:

  • Arms Trick - Increases close range Weapon Damage by 15%
  • Ace of Trumps - Increases Armor Piercing by 10%
  • Death Probability - Increases all Weapon Damage by 8%
  • Disruptive Firepower - Activating Deception abilities increases the player's weapon damage by 35% for 8 seconds
  • Unforeseen End - Increases weapon damage by 20% when attacking enemies from behind
  • Bounty Hunter - Increases weapon damage by 15% against Elite enemies
  • Cold Calculation - Increases weapon damage by *5 for each enemy present in a close range of the player

Considering the fact that Arms Trick, Ace of Trumps, and Death Probability present multiple instances to upgrade their respective values, players can receive a massive weapon damage bonus by upgrading them.

On top of all this, there are more than 40 legendary weapons available for Trickster players to choose from in Outriders. Additionally, there are four unique legendary class armor sets for Trickster players to equip in Outriders. The legendary armor, along with their special perks, are:

  • Chronosuit: Reverting time replenishes ammunition for the equipped weapon
  • Edge of Time: Increases damage for Temporal Blade as well as Cyclone Slice by 100%
  • Trespasser: Player cannot be killed when inside the Slow Trap
  • Ugake Otarah: Hunt the Prey ability does not consume cooldown when teleporting behind an enemy marked with the Venator's Knife ability

Combining the player's preferred legendary weapon and armor along with this skill tree build will allow players to deal massive bursts to hordes of enemies in Outriders as a Trickster.

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