The best way to farm Fusion Cores in Fallout 76

Finding the right battery can be tough (Image via Bethesda)
Finding the right battery can be tough (Image via Bethesda)
Finding the right battery can be tough (Image via Bethesda)
Finding the right battery can be tough (Image via Bethesda)

Fallout 76 wasn't the most beloved game in Bethesda's catalog when it came out in 2018. Though its launch was a mess, the game had a hardcore fanbase post release and dozens of patches have helped that group grow.There are countless resources players need to succeed in the wilds of post-apocalyptic Appalachia.

From easy meals to complicated laser weaponry, collecting and crafting tools for survival is the main activity of the game. Some important resources can be tough to come by, but that only makes them more valuable.

Gathering Fusion Cores in Fallout 76

Fusion Cores are high-tech batteries that allow Fallout 76 players to power laser weaponry and the iconic Power Armor. Players need a lot of these if they want to get the most out of their most powerful tools, but they can be hard to find.There are several ways to get Fusion Cores, but most of them require time investment for very little reward.

Most robotic enemies and laser weapons will give the player one in a pinch, but that isn't a consistent farming method. To consistently gather Fusion Cores, players will need to set up a Workshop near a Power Plant. There are three plants in the game, all three of which feature Fusion Core Processors.

Once power is restored, these processors will produce one fully charged Fusion Core every seven minutes. The machine can only hold three cores, so players need to gather the full cores every 21 minutes to keep production moving.

Players need to set up workshops at the Monongah Power Plant, the Thunder Mountain Power Plant, and the Poseidon Power Plant. After getting those plants up and running, one can simply move through them every 21 minutes to gather nine fully-charged Fusion Cores.

Players may want to attempt this method on a private server, but that isn't required to succeed. When using this method on a public server, they will have to give some thought to defense.

Other players can simply move in and steal the finished Fusion Cores. They can simply be there every seven minutes to beat them to the punch, but setting up defenses is also an option.

Defending Fusion Core Processors in Fallout 76


Fallout 76 players likely have some experience defending their base of operations from opponents. Traps, walls, and automated turrets are the ideal methods.

One will need to layer their power plants with Automated Turrets to ward off those who seek to steal the Fusion Cores. Verticality is important, and setting up Turrets above the player's height will make them more effective.

Defend Workshop Events are also fairly common, necessitating a more hands-on approach. Players should defend their Fusion Core producers, as enemy damage can destroy them.

Fallout 76 faithful have the option of wading out into the wasteland to hunt for their items or setting up machines to make them. Setting up the three Fusion Core Processors is the best way to ensure the player has what they need.

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