The best weapons to use in Apex Legends Mobile

New meta for the mobile market (Image via EA)
New meta for the mobile market (Image via EA)

Apex Legends Mobile is the handheld edition of the beloved battle royale first-person shooter that fans have been waiting for. Players can finally compete in Respawn's groundbreaking tournament from the comfort of their phones.

Every new update and iteration of the original game shakes up the tier list, pushing some favorites out of the top slots and replacing them with other guns. Players are always looking for a statistical advantage, and the mobile iteration of the game has its own killer apps.

The best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile

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Many of the best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile are also beloved in the PC and console iterations of the game. While balancing is typically pretty good, player choices and opinions still play a huge role when choosing the right type of weapon.

Best Assault Rifle: R-301


The old reliable all-purpose assault rifle still reigns supreme on the touch screen. The R-301 is the third version of the Carbine Assault Rifle, a version of which appeared in both Titanfall games. This classic has remained a favorite of players of all skill levels in each version of the game.

The real strength of R-301 is variability. It is flawless at mid-range, but becomes a long-range killer with the right sight. Find the Epic magazine to carry 28 rounds and deal tremendous damage in rapid bursts.

Best Submachine gun: R-99


Apex Legends Mobile features the R-99, a gun that most longtime fans are sick of hearing about by now. The submachine gun remains the most efficient close-range death dealer. With the highest rate of fire in the game, the R-99 cannot be beaten when it comes to spraying and praying.

With this deadly tool, a semi-accurate wielder can claim almost 200 damage per second. Grab the R-301 and R-99, start running and gunning to enjoy the best aggressive build in the game.

Best Shotgun: Peacekeeper


Accurate, powerful, and deadly, the Peacekeeper is the perfect shotgun for any Apex Legends Mobile player. As long as the player lands a few pellets of the massive blast, this weapon is a destructive close-range nightmare.

The only substantial downside is reloaded time, which is considerable. But if players can land the shots in the magazine, they will not have to worry about reloading swiftly, because their targets will be downed.

Best Sniper Rifle: Kraber .50-Cal


The Kraber .50 Cal must be acquired through the somewhat rare supply drops, but it is well worth it. As any skilled player would know, one good headshot with a Kraber is an instant knock-down. With a weapon this powerful, players can defeat their foes before they know they're being targeted.

The Kraber has its weaknesses. Its small magazine and realistic bullet dropoff make it somewhat tough to use, but it's a deadly weapon with training.

Best Pistol: Wingman


Apex Legends Mobile players won't excel with the Wingman revolver right away, but once they master it, they can win any gunfight. This pistol deals immense damage and is very accurate, so once players master their aim, they can down a foe with a double-tap.

Note: The article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

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