The entire IShowSpeed Minecraft clip controversy and alleged YouTube ban, explained 

IShowSpeed controversy explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
IShowSpeed controversy explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

Darren "IShowSpeed" is never too far from controversy. The YouTuber is often called out for his antics, such as earlier this month, when he lit a firework in his room.

The 19-year-old has yet again found himself in dissension. In a stream uploaded to his channel on July 21, Darren was seen playing Minecraft where he demonstrated some suggestive gestures.

After the stream, YouTube gave him a strike for violating community guidelines. IShowSpeed took to his Instagram and second YouTube channel to announce the news. He brought up the fact that he was banned and could not make videos ever again.

IShowSpeed claims he has been banned and saying goodbye from YouTube. He’s just been given a community strike and the content was taken down. That is all. He’s not going anywhere and will break 10 million subs today.

Exploring the entire IShowSpeed debacle on YouTube

The Ohio-born streamer pushed boundaries a tad bit too far on his stream on Thursday when he appeared to be making s*xual advances towards an NPC named Jenny in a modded adult version of Minecraft. The streamer engaged in suggestive s*xual acts, which he tried to censor by unsuccessfully covering the screen.

The entire sequence went on for a few minutes wherein the 19-year-old was seen shouting and groaning. With almost 90k concurrent viewers at the time, IShowSpeed received a lot of criticism for his antics.

Although he did not face any action on that day, Darren received a strike while streaming the following day. Although it is unclear how long he will be absent, the usual time that a streamer remains restricted ranges between one to two weeks, depending on the strikes received.


In a video uploaded to his second channel, Darren announced:

"They gave me a strike from the last stream. The one stream where I played the Jinny mod and...the thing popped up and I didn't know it was going to pop up, so now they gave me strike, I'm going out YouTube y'all so, peace out man, I love y'all boys..."

To cause further controversy, streamer Jake Lucky shared the contentious Minecraft clip on his Twitter account and called out IShowSpeed's reckless behavior on stream.

@ishowspeedsui @TeamYouTube @YouTube Fed lucky back at it again…

Darren promptly replied to his tweets, claiming that Jake was just using him to get clicks.

@JakeSucky bro what is your problem like seriously
@JakeSucky wdym the context i just told you obv i diddnt know tos was going to pop up, so i deleted the stream, it’s like getting a dance in gta etc. just hold this ratio mate i’m tired of going back n fourth

After receiving a lot of heat from Darren's viewer base, Jake issued an apology.

I’m not sorry for sharing the Speed clip, I would’ve done it for any streamer and I have in the past. I’m sorry I didn’t censor it to my audience. I’m sorry that I’m now somehow a racist and my family is getting threats. Plz keep the hate directed at me and me alone.

Fans react to IShowSpeed's ban

YouTubers are not permanently banned until they receive three strikes. Knowing how the YouTube algorithm works, coupled with the fact that the content creator was able to upload to his second channel, fans expect him to return to streaming in a matter of a few days.

Here are some of the comments made by fans:

Fans share their thoughts on the streamer's alleged ban (Image via cladmtn YouTube)
Fans share their thoughts on the streamer's alleged ban (Image via cladmtn YouTube)

Despite the controversy, IShowSpeed reached the much coveted 10 million figure on YouTube, which he celebrated through a short stream on his second channel, Live Speedy. It remains to be seen if the content creator will return to streaming through his alternate accounts.

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