The fastest way to visit and 'Dance at all Holiday trees' in Fortnite Season 5

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

The newest quest in Fortnite's Operation Snowdown is out, and players have the opportunity to earn a free Christmas themed Snowmando spray.

Operation Snowdown is the newest event in Fortnite. It will be giving players the opportunity to complete a new quest every day and granting them free rewards until the event is over.

The latest Fortnite challenge requires players to dance at different holiday trees spread all across the map.

This piece will be stating the fastest way to accomplish this challenge and obtain the free reward in Fortnite.

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What is the fastest route to complete 'Dance at all Holiday trees' in Fortnite?

Image via Fortnite. gg
Image via Fortnite. gg

The above-shown map showcases the exact location of these Christmas Trees on the map. However, it could be a daunting task to reach all of these locations in one match. But, there is a great way to complete this challenge in a single match.

Players have to land near the Snowmando outpost which is located south of Holly Hedges. After reaching the place, players have to hop inside the plane and drive it to Holly Hedges and dance near the Christmas Tree. After doing that, players have to go to the gas station and refill the plane.

Then, players need to make their way to the next Christmas tree located in Salty Towers. Gamers should park their planes outside the point of interest, as it is a location that tends to be crowded. After dancing, players need to make the long journey to Pleasant Park and find the Christmas in the centre of the POI.

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Then, they will need to go to Craggy Cliffs and find the next Christmas Tree. The last the tree in the sequence is located at the top of a building in Dirty Docks.

Players can complete the challenge if they do this correctly. Moreover, players can also complete the challenge in parts, and do it over the course of five matches, but that of course, will be very time-consuming.

These Christmas trees tend to have chests around them. Therefore, it could be a hot drop spot as well, as players can easily get their matches off to the right start with good quality loot.

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