The internet wants MrBeast canceled, and here's why

MrBeast may have become the latest victim of Twitter's cancel culture (Image via Sportskeeda)
MrBeast may have become the latest victim of Twitter's cancel culture (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a rather surprising turn of events, the internet has now proclaimed that it wants MrBeast canceled. This has taken place in light of the philanthropist's much-awaited Squid Game recreation, which will be released sometime next week.

The allegations against the streamer were that he had missed the entire point of the popular Netflix show. Furthermore, by choosing to recreate the same, he wasted a lot of money that he could have used for many other useful projects.

MrBeast is on the verge of getting canceled for his Squid Game recreation

Early in October, MrBeast had announced that he would recreate the popular Netflix show, Squid Game, in real life. He has been working hard on this ambitious project ever since, asking his fans and community for suggestions regarding games and the like.

I now have every game from Squid Game built in real life :)

He has also not shied away from sharing how big a hole this project is burning in his pocket. He dropped a line of merchandise exclusively to help sponsor the Squid Game recreation. This has led to a lot of people wanting him canceled for apparently wasting a lot of money that he could use for charity.

@MrBeast Having this much wealth is the issue that the show was depicting
@MrBeast ofc mr Sheet spend tons money for squid games Wal-Mart edition.rather giving to misfortune ppl 馃檨
@MrBeast The creator of squid game prolly having an aneurysm at how much his "show that's about capitalism" is getting exploited by capitalism
@MrBeast you know that tv show about a game where desperate people kill themselves for the chance of winning money, telling us about how sadistic the rich can be and how the working class is just entertainment fodder for them?let's do that in real life! don't worry nobody dies so it's ok
@MrBeast So the irony is like just completely lost on you isn't it?
@MrBeast Why would you ever recreate the games. Be original and come up with your own games! Not hard. Probably you're only video I won't watch because of the lack of creativity. 馃槓
I know Mr. Beast does a lot of good and charity work. I approve of that. But rich people putting poorer people thru squid game like trials feels wrong. Like ... It feels tone deaf af. I don't wanna cancel anyone. But imo... This is in poor taste.鈥

The popular philanthropist has been accused of not spending his money in a manner that can benefit society. However, his fans have quickly come to his aid.

MrBeast fans slam cancel culture for targetting the popular philanthropist

Jimmy Donaldson is easily one of the most loved personalities on the internet. This is especially due to his philanthropic nature and the amount of charity work that he does. The streamer recently completed a huge milestone with respect to his food drive, along with his ambitious TeamSeas project, which aims to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean before the end of 2021.

Naturally, the streamer's fans did not take too well to the accusations that he was not doing enough for society.

@MrBeast Man, people really out here trying to cancel one of the most generous guys on the planet鈥 Over a fkn video set
Cancel culture is really trying to cancel mr beast for doing a squid game irl? Are you guys insane? YOU can鈥檛 tell someone where to put their own hard earned money. If you care so much about 鈥減eople鈥 then why don鈥檛 you guys start making enough money to 鈥渆nd world hunger鈥
Really??? Yall trynna cancel @MrBeast for not giving enough??He's prolly given a lot more than most us will in our lifetime and yall think he hasnt given enough???
You guys trying to cancel mr beast for not using all his money on helping the world don't realize he got a philanthropy channel, team seas, team trees, and he's pulled more than a few people out of homelessness and debt, and you say #cancelmrbeast ? This Gen is messed up.

Jimmy Donaldson even has popular streamer PewDiePie on his side, who recently slammed haters for trying to get the streamer canceled over his Squid Game video.


It seems to be a general consensus that the internet's anger is very misplaced with respect to Donaldson, who has universally been deemed one of the most generous guys on the platform. Furthermore, the streamer has made it abundantly clear that the video has been made entirely for entertainment purposes. Therefore, the entire outrage seems to be the product of the quick-to-judge nature of Twitter's cancel culture.

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