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"The one time you slept in my bed": Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross' conversation takes an unexpected turn

Image via Corinna Kopf & Adin Ross
Image via Corinna Kopf & Adin Ross
Modified 24 Feb 2021

Corinna Kopf let it slip that Adin Ross had slept in her bed, after flirting with him during a Livestream.

Corinna Kopf was hitting on Adin Ross during a game of Grand Theft Auto. She starts by telling him that he is cute and then asks him to assist her with 2K by holding her. Ross was reluctant to flirt with Corinna, but eventually, he started playing along and agreed to hold her while playing 2k.

Eventually, Corinna suggests that Adin should kiss her when she does well. Adin agrees and tells Corinna that he misses her. The interest that the two show in each other is blatant at this point. The conversation heats up further until Corinna reveals that the two may have been intimate.

Eventually, Corinna alludes to an overnight stay by Adin. Corinna says:

“Do you miss that one time you slept in my bed?”

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Corinna did not receive a response to her question from Adin. After a moment of silence, Corinna asks Adin if she exposed him, but Adin immediately talks about robbing a bank in the game.

Corinna appears to be trying to keep Adin from disclosing too much, but she had already revealed a major detail. As the two have not confirmed whether they are dating or not, it is unclear what Corinna actually meant. Hopefully, she does this again, and fans can see how close the two really are.

There are many rumors about a possible relationship between Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross

Since Adin started playing GTA with Corinna, his viewership has risen. He has gained 76,000 followers since 16 February. The boost in followers may have a lot to do with the rumors that Corinna and Adin are dating. Some think that the two are fanning the flames of the rumors in order to gain more clout, but others think the relationship is real.


Their flirting has often led to speculations of a romantic relationship between the two. There is no solid evidence to confirm their relationship status, but it may be just one slip of the tongue away.

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Published 24 Feb 2021, 20:28 IST
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