"The most pathetic thing we've seen on Twitch": xQc slams "Hot Tub" streams on Twitch

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

In a recent tweet, streamer and internet personality Felix "xQc" Lengyel spoke up against "Hot Tub" streams. Hot Tub streams are running wild on Twitch. These streams have been a matter of controversy for a while now, and people have expressed different opinions about it.

In the past, Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter has also spoken about these streams, but her opinion differed from xQc. She went on to say that these streamers aren't hurting anyone and that the hate directed towards them was unnecessary.


xQc has very strong words for hot tub streams on Twitch

xQc added that he'd like to get them off the front page but not necessarily banning such streams altogether.

Twitch is a platform usually tailored towards gamers for streaming games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone, to name a few. Hot tub streams deviate from that, and this is what xQc seemed to be highlighting.

Many people on Twitter came out in support of xQc's statement, while a few people went on to say that if they don't like it, they could choose to ignore it.

Individuals on the internet also alleged that these hot tub streamers get in touch via messages and emails to sell pornographic content.

Some sections of the internet believe that xQc shouldn't be complaining because he's built his career off raging and drama. He doesn't really have any grounds to complain.

It's not just xQc, though; there are a lot of people on the internet who don't like the idea of these hot tub streams in general.

People believe that they belong to other adult websites and not Twitch.

While these streams have been receiving a lot of backlash from streamers and the community alike, there are also some people who have come out in support of these hot tub streams.

Image via YouTube ( Corpse Fans )
Image via YouTube ( Corpse Fans )

One user rightly pointed out that most of the viewers were comprised of men, who also happen to be responsible for most of the hate comments these hot tub streamers received.

These hot tub streams will be controversial for a while now, by the looks of it, unless Twitch comes up with a policy that addresses the issue at hand.

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