Valkyrae in disbelief after hearing Sykkuno's voice from 9 years ago, says he was clearly animating it

Valkyrae and Sykkuno are two very prominent streamers in the market today
Valkyrae and Sykkuno are two very prominent streamers in the market today

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter was stunned to hear Thomas, popularly known as Sykkuno, speak in one of the oldest videos on his channel. Valkyrae was under the impression that he was clearly animating it.

Both Valkyrae and Sykunno are famous internet personalities and can often be seen streaming games like Among Us and GTA Online. Although these two streamers have become household names of late, thanks to their streaming runs, their online presence did have quite an impact before they started streaming.

Valkyrae reacts to Sykkuno's voice in one of his oldest videos


The video that Valkyrae reacted to was the first video that Sykunno had on his YouTube channel, which dated back to 2012. She was amazed to see that his older videos had over 600k views.

The video started with Sykkuno talking to his viewers about how he was sick and was unable to make a video for a while. He then went on to talk about advertisements in his videos.

Sykkuno also said that due to the advertisements, he'd be able to make some money off his videos. However, he didn't really need the money and would rather be doing giveaways just to give back to his fans.

"If you already noticed, there was an ad in front of the video. And what that means is we're going to make a little bit of money off our videos now. And what that means for us is, well, for you guys at least, is I will be doing giveaways. You know, I don't really need the money. I was never in it for the money."
"And that's why I think the best way to show you guys that is, I mean obviously everyone's going to say they don't care about the money, but I think the best way to show you guys is to just give it back to you."

After watching a small bit of the video, Valkyrae went on to say that it was evident that Sykkuno was animating his voice just for the video. She believed that Sykkuno was adding more emphasis and personality to his voice because he didn't have a webcam.


Valkyrae also went on to say that she felt his voice had changed over time, but she also accounted for the fact that Sykkuno was sick when he made the video in question. She said that there were a lot of variables involved here.

Valkyrae added that a few years ago, many people believed her voice sounded different as well.