"That's not something to f*****g joke about!": Valkyrae cries on stream after lashing out at chat for making fun of "Black Lives Matter"

Valkyrae was left disappointed by the actions of her chat recently (Image via Valkyrae/ YouTube)
Valkyrae was left disappointed by the actions of her chat recently (Image via Valkyrae/ YouTube)

Popular streamer and co-owner of 100 Thieves, Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, was left utterly disappointed by the actions of her chat recently, who seem to be becoming increasingly toxic with each passing day.

During a recent stream of Among Us, the 29-year-old streamer decided to make a harmless joke at the expense of fellow Twitch streamer Leslie, who was continuosly dying in-game.

With regards to this, Valkyrae decided to coin the phrase "LLM", an acronym for "Leslie's Life Matters". However, her statement was pounced upon by certain toxic elements in her chat, who took advantage of her harmless joke and proceeded to poke fun at the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Upon seeing the distasteful remarks cropping up in her chat, Valkyrae couldn't help but reprimand them for joking about such a sensitive movement.

In the aftermath of this incident, she began to hold herself accountable and ended up breaking down on stream, much to the concern of her viewers.

"I'm really disappointed": Valkyrae earns support from fans after toxic chat's "BLM" comments


In a clip from her recent Among Us stream, Valkyrae could be seen reacting to a couple of messages from viewers, who had begun to request her to make her stream a members-only mod.

After appearing a tad confused at first, she gradually began to realize that her chat was making "BLM" jokes in the aftermath of her "LLM" comment.

In light of this, she proceeded to sternly reprimand them for their distasteful jokes:

"Because I said Leslie's Life Matters? Oh My God, I shouldn't have said that , people are mocking BLM. I didn't even think of that. This is not a comparable , that's not a f*****g joke . I had just been talking about how Leslie had been dying a lot in-game . That's not something to f*****g joke about , do not joke about that . Stupid, I'm so disappointed. "
"I'm sorry for saying that . I'm going to put it in members only mode because there's still idiots here that think it's f*****g funny . You will get the karma you deserve in life. F**k off. That's not funny and that's not a joke. I hate that so much"

This unpleasant experience eventually caused her to turn off her stream for a while.

When she finally returned a couple minutes later, her voice seemed to be laced with a discernible emotional tone, as she tried her best to keep her emotions in check:

"I just felt really guilty for initiating the trolls because it's so disrespectful and insensitive . I'm just crying because I'm pissed off about it .I'll be fine, I'm just super disappointed because it's just not something to joke about. "

In light of this incident, she recently took to Twitter to announce that she would be taking a mini break from streaming, which many perceived as a direct consequence of the unpleasant altercation with her chat recently:

Here are some of the reactions online as fans extended support to Valkyrae and defended her from the rising toxicity in chat:

Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube

In today's digital age of streaming and social media, influencers and online celebrities inadvertently end up exposing themselves to the internet's toxic side, which rears its ugly head from time to time.

However, the fact that Valkyrae took a firm stand against the distasteul remarks and trolls is further testament of her wholesome persona, which continues to invite praise and respect from all quarters online.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod