The Taste of Home: Genshin Impact quest guide for hidden achievement

Tang Wen hides an achievement (Image via Genshin Impact)
Tang Wen hides an achievement (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact has tons of achievements to find and unlock, and many are hidden in the most surprising places. Some of the game's daily commissions hide achievements that can grant some easy extra Primogems.

Tang Wen's The Taste of Home achievement is one of these commissions with a secret. Fans may have fed Tang Wen plenty of dishes during their stay in Inazuma, as the researcher has a serious appetite.

However, many players might not have gifted Tang Wen with a specific type of food that can unlock a whole new path in the quest.

Genshin Impact: The Taste of Home secret achievement guide

friendly reminder to give tang wen a sussy dish πŸ˜‹

The Taste of Home is a pretty common Daily Commission in Inazuma, with it requiring players to feed Tang Wen a delicacy from her homeland of Liyue. Fans who have dealt with this commission may have tried to provide Tang Wen with the highest quality meals to complete the task.

However, an alternative method can provide players with a hidden achievement. All the fans need to do is provide Tang Wen with a Suspicious Quality dish.

I guess this is what happens when you feed Tang Wen some "suspicious" tier food

Gifting Tang Wen with a suspicious version of the Liyue dish she is asking for will open up another commission on the following day. This commission will be titled "Absolutely Unique Delicacy" and require players to complete a few extra steps.

After talking to some NPCs about their opinions on food, fans will need to create either a Delicious quality Jueyun Guoba, Bamboo Shoot Soup, or Grilled Tiger Fish. After the food is made, presenting it to Tang Wen will complete this hidden Genshin Impact commission.

awesome, thanks for my 403rd achievement tang wen

Completing the commission will provide players with the Liyue Ichiban achievement, worth five Primogems. Altogether, by giving Tang Wen a suspicious quality dish, fans can net 15 easy Primogems.

Next time fans get the chance to cook Tang Wen a dish, it might be the right idea to overcook it and grab some easy rewards.

Genshin Impact's hidden achievements can come from some truly unexpected places, and fans should keep their eyes peeled.

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