Top 5 underrated Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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The Pokemon Sword and Shield made history with its release by becoming the first main-series Pokemon game to be made for consoles. The game's graphics were a major upgrade from its predecessors.

Sword and Shield has been a buzz in the press since its release due to the amazing new set of Pokemon introduced in Generation VIII. These new characters come in different types, forms, and sizes. It allows trainers to build their team in a new way.

Though catching them all is the goal, a trainer making sure their team is up to the test while doing so is really the ultimate challenge. Whether one is new to the franchise or has been here since its inception, it’s no secret that building the best team possible is certainly the goal of every Pokemon trainer.

Trainers can choose to build their team on aesthetic, type, power, or level. However, they must always be prepared for battle.

This guide will discuss five of the most underrated Pokemon in Sword and Shield and go over how they would be great additions to any team.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

The Top 5 Underrated Pokemon in Sword and Shield

#5 - Charjabug

Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company Image via Game Freak Image via The Pokemon Company Image via Game Freak
Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company Image via Game Freak Image via The Pokemon Company Image via Game Freak

This bug and electric-type Pokemon evolved from Grubbin at level twenty. Unfortunately, due to design and a few hard-hitting moves, Charjbug is not a Pokemon that gets much love from players and fans. Given a chance, with the right moveset, Charjbug can be helpful in battles.

Charjbug can resist steel, grass, and electric Pokemon. It only harbors a weakness to rock and fire-type Pokemon. Not only does Charjbug perform, but it also has a stellar evolution to Vikavolt when there is a Thunder Stone in areas with a special magnetic field.

#4 - Oddish

Introduced in Generation I, this grass and Poison-type Pokemon has always seemed to stick around even when other Pokemon from the same generation are seen less.

Categorized as the “Weed Pokemon” and constantly overlooked in use but loved for its aesthetic, Oddish may not be completely unknown. But it definitely doesn’t get the love it deserves from the players.

Possessing moves like the Acid attack. Oddish, with the right moveset, can faithfully win battles. Evolving into Gloom at level 20, Oddish can mostly be seen on a trainer's team during the beginning of their Pokemon journey.

#3 - Perrserker

Being the evolution of such a classic Pokemon, Perrserker was well received by fans. Described as “rowdy and always desiring to battle,” Perrserker is an awesome add-on for the few strict steel trainers.

This steel-type Pokemon was introduced in Generation VIII and is only available in Sword and Shield in the Galarian region. It can be found at seven locations in Sword and Shield.

Primarily weak against ground and fire-type Pokemon, Perrserker does well against flying, normal, and psychic-types. Interestingly enough, it also has complete immunity to Poison-type Pokemon.

#2 - Drednaw

Drednaw was introduced as the second evolution of the Sword and Shield water Pokemon, Chewtle. At its initial, this water and rock-type was the only water type in the game for Gigantimax. Drednaw is categorized as a “Bite Pokemon,” along with Poochyena and Mightyena.

Resembling Blastoise in aesthetic, some say Drednaw pays homage to the second evolution of Bulbasaur. Drednaw is mostly useful for those who like defense along with a high attack. But the players will have to sacrifice special attacks.

#1 - Galarian Ponyta

A fire-type introduced in Generation I, this classic Pokemon received a much-deserved Galarian update. This comes with a completely new color scheme for the whole Ponyta evolutionary line.

Like many other Pokemon in the Galarian region, Ponyta has a different appearance than its counterparts found in other regions. This is a feature that the region also shares with Alolan.

The activation of these alternate forms can occur while hatching or just over time. The Galar region not only changes the color of the Ponyta but also gives it a horn and calls it the “Unicorn Pokemon.”

Evolving into Rapidash after level 40, this Pokemon has the potential to be a star on any trainer's team.

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