The Uncharted Collection on PC: Why Sony’s decision to release the entire bundle isn’t just a rumor

Why does the entire Uncharted series coming to PC make sense? (Image via Naughty Dog)
Why does the entire Uncharted series coming to PC make sense? (Image via Naughty Dog)

Uncharted, PlayStation’s action-adventure exclusive series developed by Naughty Dog, takes players across the world on adventures and uncovers various historical mysteries.

The main Uncharted game series features Nathan Drake, the notorious treasure hunter who won fan’s hearts with the stories every Uncharted game provides. Even though Uncharted is a PlayStation exclusive franchise, it has gotten much attention from other gaming platform communities.

A few months ago, rumors surfaced online about Uncharted 4 coming to PC following the release of Days Gone. Recently another leak/rumor has appeared on 4chan via an anonymous author about Uncharted coming to PC.

The leak might seem fake to some, but it does make sense.

Uncharted series coming to PC, a rumor that makes sense

According to the leaks, not only is Uncharted 4 is coming to the PC, but the entire Uncharted series is making its way into the PC ecosystem.

Uncharted: The Naughty Dog PC Collection leak on 4chan via an anonymous user (Screengrab from 4chan)
Uncharted: The Naughty Dog PC Collection leak on 4chan via an anonymous user (Screengrab from 4chan)

Some enthusiasts believe that the leaks are fake and made-up. However, if looked at closely, there is a tweet embedded with the date and time of 10 AM, September 6, 2021.

It is believed that the date and time mentioned are the scheduled time for the tweet’s release, but the timezone remains unknown. The post also notes that the collection is coming to PCs on December 7, 2021, via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Even if the leaks are considered false by the public and might seem too good to be true, it is undoubtedly possible.

First off, the main reason for having exclusives on consoles is to help with their sales. Now that Uncharted had been on the PlayStation for a long time, the game has already gotten enough attention from gamers worldwide.

So it’s a wise decision if Sony makes a move to bring their exclusive to PCs and extend the game’s fanbase. The company can make more people interested in their exclusive, and they might consider buying a PlayStation to get their hands on these games earlier.

To get the revenue out of old games, the PC community is tremendous, which can be seen from the sales of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Another reason for selling exclusives on PCs might be Sony’s strategy of bringing new fans to their exclusive title and making them buy the PlayStation 5. The tech giant also mentioned earlier that they plan on bringing more exclusive games to PCs.

In July, Nixxes, an industry-leading Dutch company specializing in video game design, development, and porting, was acquired by PlayStation Studios. So, it is not impossible for PlayStation Studios to bring the entire collection to PC with the help of Nixxes.

If any new players wish to know the story of Uncharted, providing only the fourth chapter isn’t going to help Sony sell the series. However, if it releases the entire collection on PCs, it is pretty logical that gamers will prefer knowing the whole story.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for Sony. Whether it releases only Uncharted 4 or the entire collection, people will surely buy the game.

Gamers globally would love the fantastic storyline of Uncharted, so everyone wants to experience the PlayStation’s top-seller exclusive franchise.

There is still a dilemma of the rumors being accurate, but it is possible Sony might talk about it at the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

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