The Unforged and Engulfing Lightning weapons to arrive in Genshin Impact 2.1 banner, as per leaks

Leaks reveal the 5-star weapons to appear on Genshin Impact 2.1's first banner. (image via 戰斗大鍋)
Leaks reveal the 5-star weapons to appear on Genshin Impact 2.1's first banner. (image via 戰斗大鍋)

Genshin Impact will soon launch the 2.1 update, and new banner rotations will come alongside it.

The 2.1 livestream has already revealed the main highlights for the upcoming banners. Baal, Kokomi and Sara will all be new characters in the next Genshin Impact update. The Engulfing Lightning polearm and the Everlasting Moonglow catalyst will also arrive as new 5-star weapons. Now, based on recent leaks, it’s likely that The Unforged will join Engulfing Lightning on the first 2.1 weapon banner.

Leaks reveal the first banner-exclusive 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact 2.1

If the leaks are accurate, The Unforged and Engulfing Lightning will be the two 5-star weapons available on the upcoming 2.1 banner.

The polearm-wielding Raiden Shogun is confirmed to headline the next character banner, so it’s probable that Engulfing Lightning will be on the next weapon banner as well. News of The Unforged being on this banner, however, comes entirely from leaks.

Raiden Shogun has been a highly-anticipated character in Genshin Impact, as Archons tend to be. Because of her popularity, many players will try to summon the new 5-star polearm just for her. Engulfing Lightning should be a great polearm for Baal, but unfortunately, players haven’t shown the same pleasant reception to The Unforged’s return.

Engulfing Lightning stats and ability

At level 90, Engulfing Lightning will have a base attack of 608, with a 55.1% Energy Recharge bonus. Furthermore, thanks to its passive ability, this polearm will increase its user's attack based on their Energy Recharge. To potentially scale this buff higher, Engulfing Lightning will grant extra Energy Recharge after using an Elemental Burst.

Since Engulfing Lightning focuses so much on Energy Recharge, it should be a great weapon for burst-support characters. Namely, this polearm will likely be the best-in-slot choice for Raiden Shogun. The archon’s Elemental Burst may reach incredible damage numbers, so Engulfing Lightning’s Energy Recharge and attack buffs will make her an especially powerful character.

The Unforged stats and ability

The Unforged’s base attack can reach a maximum of 608, which is rather low for a 5-star claymore. However, this weapon also has an ATK% bonus of up to 49.6%.

Most criticisms of The Unforged surround its passive ability. The Unforged increases shield strength by 20% without refinement, and hitting enemies with this weapon provides a 4% ATK buff for eight seconds. If The Unforged’s user is shielded, this attack buff is increased by 100%.

The Unforged at max level (Image via Youtube/GTRConcept)
The Unforged at max level (Image via Youtube/GTRConcept)

As a 5-star claymore, The Unforged is certainly a good weapon. However, Genshin Impact players generally gravitate away from weapons with low base attack and an ATK% bonus. Also, its ability is very niche. Xinyan, Noelle and Beidou are currently the only shielding DPS characters who can use this weapon, and none are premier DPS options to begin with.

To make the most of The Unforged, players can pair a shield support character with their claymore-DPS. Characters like Diona and Zhongli especially, can create powerful shields. These effects trigger The Unforged’s extra attack bonus for the DPS, helping to get the highest damage numbers possible.


Many Genshin Impact players are rather disappointed with The Unforged’s likely return on the upcoming banner. To be fair, most are surely trying to get the new polearm anyway. However, most players would also prefer a weapon like Amos’ Bow or Primordial Jade Cutter in case they get a different weapon on their 5-star pull.

If this leak is true and The Unforged does return to Genshin Impact, players may have to make a risky gamble if they want Engulfing Lightning. Especially for players who don’t often wish on weapon banners, The Unforged may be a disappointing result. Meanwhile, the rare Noelle mains may be rather happy to see this claymore’s return.

Genshin Impact 2.1 will go live on 1 September 2021, and the new banners should begin as soon as the update has launched. Players who want to summon Engulfing Lightning or The Unforged don’t need to wait much longer before burning through their Primogem supply.

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