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The YouTube trending page is inundated by TikTokers, and YouTubers are not happy

Image via Wikipedia, The D
Image via Wikipedia, The D'Amelio family, YouTube
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Modified 26 Dec 2020, 02:39 IST

Of late, various YouTubers have talked about how YouTube is manually curating the “Trending” section of the platform to push certain TikTokers towards the top.

YouTuber Jeremy “TheQuartering” Habley and Cody “Cody Ko” Kolodziejzyk have talked/posted about the recent phenomenon that seems to have affected the “Trending” section on YouTube.

Instead of having actual videos that are trending and being viewed by a large number of people, videos featuring a limited number of TikTokers, most notably the D’Amelio family and friends, including James Charles, and Noah Beck, are being shown. This has brought forth criticism from YouTubers such as Cody Ko and TheQuartering.

YouTube Trending page taken over by TikTokers, results in angry YouTubers

The phenomenon was first talked about by YouTuber Cody Ko, who posted a snapshot of the YouTube trending page on Twitter. As can be seen in the post, all of the videos involved TikTok stars Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio.

Cody Ko was obviously not happy with YouTube, a sentiment that TheQuartering appeared to share with his fellow YouTuber. In a recent video, TheQuartering talked about the situation and said that the YouTube trending section is being dominated by “brainless TikTok stars.”

TheQuartering said that previously, the "Trending" section of the platform had different kinds of family-friendly “garbage,” but that the situation seems to have recently worsened.


In the video, TheQuartering went through the trending page and said that it is dominated by videos that are from the same six TikTok stars, although James Charles is more of a YouTuber.

Image via TheQuartering, YouTube
Image via TheQuartering, YouTube

TheQuartering went on to talk about the problems with the trending page on YouTube, and said that the platform has created a pattern of promoting content that cannot be called “good entertainment.” Of late, despite the bans and the legal trouble that TikTok as a platform has been on the receiving end of, it's user base has grown tremendously.

In November 2018, the platform had around 680 million monthly active users, a number that is expected to have grown to more than 850 million as of September 2020.

For now, various TikTok stars who have seen their communities bludgeon over the past few months also appear to have taken over YouTube to some extent.

Published 26 Dec 2020, 02:39 IST
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