"These are fake records": Dixie D'Amelio denies voting for Trump, will not be returning to Twitter

Image via wikifamouspeople.com
Image via wikifamouspeople.com

TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio recently stated that she is not planning on getting back on Twitter. This was days after she decided to deactivate her account.

The decision to deactivate her account coincided with Donald Trump's recent ban across social media platforms.

This decision, coupled with a series of images, seem to allege that Dixie D'Amelio is a Trump supporter. This sparked backlash online, as fans proceeded to call her out for the same.

Dixie issued a clarification soon after, where she revealed that her decision to deactivate her Twitter account was not related to Trump's ban from the platform.

Rather, it was a personal decision to circumvent online hate and negativity.

It has been five days since Dixie D'Amelio deactivated her account, and her fans have been hoping that the TikTok star will make her return to the platform soon.

However, in a recent interview with Pop Galore, she revealed that she is not getting back on Twitter anytime soon.

Dixie D'Amelio is done with Twitter, for the time being


In a recent interview with Pop Galore, Dixie D'Amelio addressed a wide range of topics, ranging from her 2021 plans to her relationship with fellow TikToker Noah Beck.

She also addressed the burning question surrounding her return to Twitter, just days after deactivating it.

"I am not gonna get back on Twitter . I feel like I've always been on Twitter for a very long time. I've always loved it and it was really fun but like I was getting involved in fan drama and I was like 'this is just getting too much. I'm gonna delete it.' "

She also revealed that she and fellow TikTok star Addison Rae had both planned to delete their Twitter accounts together.

While Addison did not end up deleting her account immediately, Dixie D'Amelio wondered if she'd made an impulsive mistake.

Speaking about her being an alleged Trump supporter and Republican, she denounced the viral images and claimed that they are fake records.

"These are fake records . I don't even know what I'm registered as. I voted and I 've said very clearly who I did not vote for . I looked at the records and my last name is not even spelled right and it's not even my address legally. "

While her recent statements seem to rule out the possibility of an imminent Twitter return. Her alleged Republican voter status continues to be a point of discussion for the online community.

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