This Outriders anomaly Pyromancer build will make players question their life choices in the game

u/IceJuge's build (Image via Reddit)
Modified 13 Apr 2021

A Reddit user recently went absolutely insane playing the Outriders game with his custom Pyromancer build

The new game, Outriders, allows players to modify their classes. The game allows players to pick whichever class they want between the Pyromancer, Trickster, Devastator, and Technomancer class. Recently, a Reddit user, u/IceJuge, showed a quick 15-second clip of his build and the damage it provides, impressing everyone.

The build is well put together and shows just how damaging the Pyromancer can be in Outriders.

Outriders Pyromancer

u/IceJuge's set of Mods (Image via Reddit)

In general, the Pyromancer build is getting a lot of love online. Players were quick to note how powerful and destructive it can be. Other great classes such as the Trickster can also do some heavy damage with the right mods, but the Pyromancer class looks amazing when in full effect.

The Reddit user shared a quick clip of where 18 enemies were eliminated with only two moves ahead of the mods. It’s a quick and seamless attack that really pushed him through his gameplay run.

After a closer look, it seems the user was using Overheat, Ash Blast, and Heatwave for the mods. Each mod adds additional damage and armor for several seconds.

As can be seen from the video, the build is great. The player doesn’t hesitate for a moment to eliminate and use up all his skills and abilities. He does a great job at utilizing every single aspect of the build, something that players really need to learn how to do to succeed in Outriders.

Redditors applauded the user and asked several questions on the build, which led him to upload the full video.

If players can learn anything about this build, it's to ensure they look up each mod in their class and know when to use one aptly.

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Published 13 Apr 2021
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