Thundering Pulse in Genshin Impact: Stats, passive skill, and suitable characters for the new 5-star bow

The Thundering Pulse is a powerful new 5-star bow (Image via MightyYT/Genshin Impact )
The Thundering Pulse is a powerful new 5-star bow (Image via MightyYT/Genshin Impact )

Genshin Impact will be releasing its next weapon banner soon, and the powerful Thundering Pulse bow will be available for players to wish for. This bow made its first appearance in Yoimiya's character quest and is a great weapon for many of Genshin Impact's bow users.

This weapon is quite powerful for a main DPS archer, as it provides great stats and a strong passive effect that can increase damage by an incredible amount. Players can learn more about the Thundering Pulse bow and its effects here.

Genshin Impact 2.0: Thundering Pulse bow stats and more

The Thundering Pulse is the newest 5-star weapon coming to Genshin Impact and players will be able to take advantage of its powerful effects once it releases alongside Yoimiya on August 10th.

This bow is a gift from the Raiden Shogun herself, and it apparently crackles with eternal lightning which suits the power of the Electro Archon. This weapon has an incredibly powerful passive ability that can be a game-changer for some main DPS bow characters.

Here's what the Thundering Pulse provides at refinement one:

  • 608 Base ATK and 66.2% Crit DMG at level 90
  • When equipped, increases ATK by 20% and grants the might of the Thunder Seal.
  • The Thunder seal increases Normal ATK damage by 12/24/40% and players can get up to three stacks of the seal.
  • Characters will gain a seal when they deal damage with a Normal ATK, cast their elemental Skill, or have less than 100% energy.

This weapon performs similarly to another recently released 5-star weapon, the Mistsplitter Reforged. The stacking mechanic performs in the same way, meaning players will need to balance their cooldowns to keep the powerful Normal ATK DMG buff up at all times.

But it will provide a massive boost to dealing damage. Players will definitely want to wish for this weapon if they have the extra Primogems.

Best users for the Thundering Pulse


The Thundering Pulse will be powerful on a variety of characters in Genshin Impact. Its buff to Normal ATK DMG will be very useful for many of the archers in the game.

The characters who benefit the most are the main DPS bow users who primarily use their Normal Attacks to deal damage, like Childe, and the upcoming Yoimiya.

The newly leaked character Aloy will also benefit from this weapon, as she will utilize her Normal Attacks often due to her ability to infuse them with Cryo.

Genshin Impact fans will have plenty of uses for this new bow, though certain characters like Ganyu will not be able to make good use of its passive ability.

The Thundering Pulse is a powerful new 5-star weapon that gamers who plan on using Yoimiya should try to acquire.

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