"TikTok hates Karl and TikTok is dumb": Pewdiepie calls out Karl Jacobs' haters

Karl Jacobs was recently defended by PewDiePie after he spotted a TikTok story claiming that he ruined "MrBeast."
Karl Jacobs was recently defended by PewDiePie after he spotted a TikTok story claiming that he ruined "MrBeast."
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During a recent live stream, popular YouTuber Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg defended fellow YouTuber Karl Jacobs.

Karl Jacobs has been featured in multiple Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson challenge videos since 2020. During a recent live stream, PewDiePie spotted a TikTok story accusing Karl Jacobs of "ruining" MrBeast and responded by defending the Minecraft YouTuber.

Apart from the allegations related to MrBeast, Karl Jacobs has recently been criticized for previously supporting former Twitch streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino. PewDiePie mentioned only the allegations related to MrBeast and called TikTok “dumb.”

PewDiePie calls out Karl Jacobs’ haters and calls TikTok “dumb”

During the recent live stream, PewDiePie stumbled on a TikTok story that claimed Karl Jacobs was responsible for “ruining” MrBeast. The argument had earlier been made on Twitter and TikTok, despite there being no proof of Jacobs’ effects on MrBeast’s popularity. He has been pulling in similar numbers and the idea has been refuted by multiple content creators, including commentary YouTuber Acheeto, who posted the following video on the matter.


PewDiePie’s thoughts were similar, as he defended Karl Jacobs and said that the YouTuber had done nothing wrong:

“Let’s all be real this M* ruined MrBeast. Okay, I have seen more than one of these, of people hating on Karl for no reason. Is that Karl he looks so different Why? Stop hating on Karl he didn’t do nothing. I am calling on all Karl haters, alright? You are just jealous.”


While the community seems divided on the controversy surrounding Karl Jacobs’ support for Ice Poseidon, people have defended him against allegations of “ruining” MrBeast. PewDiePie summed it up by talking about TikTok.

“Stop hating. Haters, they hate themselves. Don’t worry Karl, don’t be sad. Well, TikTok hates Karl, and TikTok is dumb, dummy dumb.”

As far as the allegations related to MrBeast are concerned, Karl Jacobs is getting criticism for simply appearing on MrBeast’s videos. Fans have rushed to support Jacobs and also appeared happy with PewDiePie's comments about the situation.

PewDiePie has not responded to the allegations levied against Karl Jacobs regarding the Ice Poseidon drama. Jacobs has been on the receiving end of huge criticism for supporting and “stream-sniping” Ice Poseidon in the past.

His apology was met with further criticism from the likes of Daniel “Keemstar” Keem and Ice Poseidon himself. For more information about the controversy, the following article can be read.

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