"Stop hating on Karl": PewDiePie defends Karl Jacobs from online trolls, earns praise online

PewDiePie recently came to the defense of Karl Jacobs
PewDiePie recently came to the defense of Karl Jacobs
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One of the biggest and most renowned YouTubers in the world, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, recently defended Minecraft YouTuber Karl Jacobs from online hate and trolls in a rather wholesome manner.

During one of his recent YouTube videos, PewDiePie came across one of many TikToks that have been accusing Karl Jacobs of ruining MrBeast.

The practice of spewing unwarranted hate towards Karl Jacobs seems to have become quite the notorious fad online.

PewDiePie expressed his bewilderment over the persistent criticism directed towards Karl Jacobs for seemingly no reason.

Here's what he had to say:

"Okay, I've seen more than one of these. People hating on Karl for no reason. Why? stop hating on Karl! He didn't do nothing. I'm calling out all Karl haters, y'all just jealous . Stop hating. Haters, they just hate themselves . Don't worry Karl. Dont's be sad. Well, Tiktok hates Karl and TikTok's dumb!"

After his defense of Karl Jacobs, several fans took to Twitter to shower praise on the "OG YouTuber."

PewDiePie wins hearts online as he defends Karl Jacobs from online hate in wholesome fashion


One of the most popular names in the streaming community today, Karl Jacobs has amassed a stellar fan following over the course of his career.

Originally a cameraman working on MrBeast's videos, he later became an integral part of his content after Jake The Viking left the MrBeast Crew in April 2020.

Karl Jacobs' energetic persona and wholesome camaraderie with the likes of Chris Tyson and Chandler Hallow further helped tap into the MrBeast fandom.

He gradually began to exert a thriving social media presence, thanks to his entertaining exploits on the Dream SMP. The Dream SMP has left an indelible mark on the Minecraft community as well.

The recent hate being directed towards Karl Jacobs was recently explored in detail in a video by commentary YouTuber Acheeto. He analyzed the bizarre trend that has developed online of late.

The YouTuber seemed to echo the sentiments of the 22-year old's fans who extended support to him.

He discussed numerous TikTok videos and comments that have been targeting the Minecraft star of late and explained how Jacobs' addition to MrBeast has only helped boost his content.

Karl Jacobs appeared overwhelmed by the fact that a YouTuber of PewDiePie's stature had given him a shoutout.

He even opened up about online hate in a tweet from his private account:

In light of PewDiePie's recent defense of Karl Jacobs, several fans took to Twitter to gush over his wholesome appeal.

PewDiePie's recent message to Karl Jacobs has ended up winning him further plaudits online.

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