Does Karl Jacobs deserve the hate he is getting? Racism & anti-semitism accusations explained

Karl Jacobs has come under scrutiny due to his past associations with Ice Poseidon.
Karl Jacobs has come under scrutiny due to his past associations with Ice Poseidon.

The American YouTuber/streamer Karl Jacobs has come under scrutiny from the community for associating with former Twitch streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino.

At his peak, Ice Poseidon was a popular Twitch streamer known for his hilarious antics during his “IRL” streams. He currently streams on YouTube as he is permanently banned from Twitch. Karl Jacobs has been accused of supporting Denino in the past.

Ice Poseidon’s community was highly toxic due to their frequent use of racial and sexual slurs. An old photo, in which Karl Jacobs admits to being a fan of Denino, has been making the rounds on social media, leading to outrage.


Karl Jacobs receives online hate through no fault of his own

While Ice Poseidon’s overall community has always been highly toxic, the former Twitch star was incredibly popular on the platform from 2015-2017. In his peak, Ice Poseidon generated around 18k average viewers on his stream, according to Twitch Tracker. Ice Poseidon regularly streams on YouTube and has garnered around 750k subscribers on the platform.

Ice Poseidon’s ban came as a result of a viewer swatting him as he mistakenly revealed his flight number during a live stream. He has since been accused of being a “white-supremacist” after a black family accused Denino of making racist comments at a Denny’s restaurant. Check out the video below.


Regardless, Karl Jacobs has come under scrutiny from the internet because of admitting to being a fan of Ice Poseidon in the past. Images of Jacobs having “stream-sniped” Ice Poseidon have been doing the rounds on Twitter. Karl Jacobs has also been accused of using a “racist emoticon.”

Karl Jacobs, during his recent apology, addressed the emoticon as well. He explained that the emoticon in question was in truth in reference to an early Ice Poseidon meme. Jacobs claimed that the joke was that Poseidon had a “big nose,” and there was no racist connotation attached to the emoticon.

"I want to talk about a clip that came out recently, on Mizkif's stream where I said I was spamming Cx in his chat because I said 'probably because somebody in a video game had a big nose'. I think people associated that with antisemitism but in reality, in early Twitch, the meme was like Ice Poseidon had a big nose. So people made fun of him for having a big nose. I wasn't coming towards antisemitism if that makes sense, or anything racially charged at all. I don't know if that's clear, but yeah, Ice Poseidon is not Jewish or anything like that. It wasn't meant to be anything like that."

While the joke seems to be in poor taste, the now 22-year old Karl Jacobs was merely a teenager when the incident occurred. It also seems from his apology video that he was unaware of the entire connotation when he had first cracked the joke.

Regardless, Jacobs apologized for his actions and said that he does not share Ice Poseidon’s alleged beliefs despite admitting to being a fan of the personality a long time ago.

“There's threads going out there that I've associated with a streamer, a prominent streamer, that is currently known for a lot of bad stuff, like racism, any phobia you could think of. I just want to make it clear, a million percent, I don't condone anything I've done. I hope that's clear; that's just not who I am as a person. That's just never who I wanted to be. I just never want anyone to associate that kind of garbage with me because it's not true. I'm sorry that I made anyone uncomfortable because I understand that. I am sorry that I've upset people. I know I have; I appreciate you guys a lot for hearing it out, at least. "

Karl Jacobs’ apology has divided the internet. Quite a few people shave saidthat he doesn’t have the right to decide whether his actions/words constitute “anti-Semitism.”

A number of his fans have come out in support and said that Karl Jacobs does not deserve this hatred. People have argued that just because Karl Jacobs supported a racist in the past, he isn't one.

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