"To solve problems made hard on purpose": xQc gives his heated take on Cryptomining

xQc dishes out his thoughts on Cryptomining (Image via Twitter)
xQc dishes out his thoughts on Cryptomining (Image via Twitter)
Vibha Hegde

Felix "xQc" Lengyel dished out his controversial opinion on the act of Cryptomining, a practice that has been trending for the past few years.

Surprisingly, the opinion was shared by many in the general streaming community, saying that while his words were bizarre, the intent behind them felt accurate to them.

xQc infuriated by the logic behind Cryptomining

This week, on stream, Felix "xQc" Lengyel watched a mini-documentary from WIRED showcasing the largest Bitcoin Mining facility currently being run in the United States.

During the mini-documentary, the camera panned to showcase the size of the warehouses where Bitcoin was being mined in bulk.

For context, to set up a mining rig for Bitcoin, one needs a good GPU. The lifespan of GPUs that are used in this way is largely reduced. With the increasing trend of mining Cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin), many have taken to bulk-buying high-performing GPUs, which has caused a shortage and severe price hike for the computer part.

xQc began to enact a demonstration of how GPU shortages and trends in Crypto mining have caused problems for many:

"NVIDIA breaks bank for months, years. The engineers - their brains are f***ing steaming to make the most wonderful marvel. 'Oh my god, oh my god, look, the GPU, oh my god.' People can use it for gaming, and people go to buy it. 'Oh, guys, I'm just a consumer guys, I'm in the chat right now - I'm going to go buy a GPU to play a new game.' Oh s***, it's out of stock. What the f***? All this effort (from the engineers) - where are they?"

At this point, xQc began pointing at a shot of the video, which showcased rows of warehouses filled with GPUs being used for mining.

"Mother*****, in the f***ing warehouses. That's where they are at. To solve problems made hard on purpose."

Bitcoin is created through the process of solving a puzzle. XQc is saying that the puzzles are made hard on purpose, thus requiring good GPUs to withstand the procedure. Therefore, the GPU shortage and funneling of GPUs towards crypto mining is owed to "problems made hard on purpose," as stated by Felix.

While many shared his opinion, others brought up that it was intentionally made hard to make it secure.

xQc has repeatedly made his opinion regarding cryptomining and NFTs known. Earlier, the French-Canadian had exposed private messages sent to him by Steven Kenneth "Destiny" Bonnell II. The latter had told him his anti-NFT views and then promoted an NFT sponsor the same week.

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