“Because I didn’t wanna get hate”: Mizkif provides reasoning for turning down a $300k NFT sponsor 

Mizkif was berated for turning down $300k sponsorship deal (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)
Mizkif was berated for turning down $300k sponsorship deal (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)
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Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo revealed to his viewers that he refused a $300k NFT sponsorship as he did not want hate from the Livestream Fail subreddit community.

Ironically enough, the redditors are accusing Mizkif of trying to gain clout from the situation by announcing it on his livestream. Many said that he should have just taken the sponsorship as it might not have affected his viewership much.

Mizkif berates himself, regrets not taking up the $300k NFT sponsorship

During Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo's November 5, 2021 livestream, the content creator revealed that he had recently turned down a $300k sponsorship deal from an NFT site.

"I actually turned down an NFT sponsor recently, for $300k. I turned down a $300k sponsor."

His viewers were completely baffled at the decision. Mizkif went on to explain the reasoning behind it:

"You want to know why? Because I didn't want to get hate on live stream fails."

Further into the stream, not seen in the clip, he expresses immense regret for not taking the deal.

"And now, I'm like, why the f*** am I such a p****? Like, why do I care? Why don't I just f***ing do it? What a waste. I'm like, 'Oh, I want to be seen as the good guy.' Look at what that did for Maya! She literally is saving animals for f***ing decades and she got a hate thread.

He further continued:

Does it really matter? Why the f*** did I just not take $300k and do an NFT sponsor and get all your social security numbers and f***ing Vamunos. I'm such a p****. I'm such a p****."

The "Maya" he referred to is Maya Higa, his ex-girlfriend. She is also a Twitch creator and is a wildlife conservationist who owns an animal sanctuary.

A viewer of Mizkif's chat brought up a past incident where Mizkif had discouraged an NFT site owner from continuing their business.

For context, in September 2021, Mizkif came upon an NFT site that sold clips of streamers who had not consented to having their content posted on the site, including one of himself. The clips were allegedly being sold for hundreds of dollars.

Mizkif and his attorney spoke to the owner of the site. After a public conversation, more and more holes in the site owner's defense began to open up. Eventually, the site was shut down permanently.

Rinaudo, who was worried about the opinions of the Livestream Fail subreddit, is currently being dragged for the same. One user joked that Mizkif would be the type to tweet that he donated to charity.

Content creator Steven Kenneth "Destiny" Bonnell II was recently seen promoting an NFT sponsor. The event came days after he went on a rant on his Twitch stream, against the concept and people who shell them out to gullible consumers.

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