Tony Lopez's girlfriend Sarah-Jade Bleau mocks the paparazzi in new "running away" clip

Instagram Image Via Sarah-Jade Bleau
Instagram Image Via Sarah-Jade Bleau
Daniel Wenerowicz

Sarah-Jade Bleau, Tony Lopez's girlfriend, ran away from the paparazzi before answering any serious questions.

Paparazzi were waiting at the BOA Steakhouse when Sarah-Jade Bleau arrived. She appeared to be walking in with a couple of friends, when cameras approached her. Of course, she has been having to deal with the Lopez Brother drama and wanted nothing to do with questions.

A man who appeared to be another friend grabbed Sarah-Jade Bleau's hand and led her the opposite way to a separate entrance into the steakhouse. The two of them ran to the entrance, but the paparazzi followed behind them, hoping to get some footage and answers.


"Hey Sarah, what's going on with the Tony Lopez situation," the Paparazzi said as they chased behind Sarah-Jade Bleau. No comments were given from Sarah's side, but staff seemed to be confused about the situation.

Sarah-Jade Bleau appears to have to deal with a lot of controversy surrounding Tony Lopez, and she has been defensive of the TikTok star. One recent example is between a TikToker called "theyluvnia" and Sarah. A TikTok was posted of Tony Lopez sending DMs to the girl's account, and after it was publicized, Tony claimed it was an accident in further messages.

Those messages were publicized as well and Sarah-Jade Bleau took to the defensive over her boyfriend Tony. She appeared to DM the TikToker saying, "Stop spreading rumors about Tony Lopez. He would never say those things about you." However, there is no real consensus on whether the DMs are real or not.

Accusations of sexual battery toward Tony Lopez and the drama around it

Tony Lopez and his brother Ondreaz Lopez face lawsuits surrounding sexual battery that involves minors. It has created many waves in the TikTok community, considering the relevance of the stars and the serious nature of the accusations.

In Tony Lopez's case, he is accused of grooming and attempting to exploit two 15-year old girls to get photos of them. Allegedly, much of it took place on social media, and eventually, alcohol also might have been involved.

In the lawsuit against Tony Lopez, other Hype house members are also listed, such as Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou. They aren't involved in any sexual battery with a minor, but rather due to negligence and supposedly allowing the situation to happen.

Both brothers have denied allegations towards them, and the situation will remain unofficial until a real court case is heard.

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