Top 3 attack combinations for Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans

Best attack combinations to use in Clash of Clans for Town Hall 9 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best attack combinations to use in Clash of Clans for Town Hall 9 (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Clash of Clans, reaching TH9 is the period where things begin to get more complicated, as, at this point, plenty of options in defense as well as attack strategies are at your disposal, and many new in-game entities are available, such as Archer Queen, Baby Dragon, Witch, and Lava Hound. Moreover, defending your base also becomes confusing, as buildings like X-Bow are unlocked, prompting you to consider how to utilize them effectively and reconstruct the entire village.

Considering all these changes and the growing competition when you near TH9 in COC, incorporating new battle strategies into your gameplay becomes imperative. For this, you can follow COC content creators who frequently post useful guides on their channels and help players constantly improve their gameplay.

To help you further, this article will discuss the three best attack combinations you can use if you’re around Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans.

Note: The Clash of Clans attack combinations listed below are based on the writer's opinion, and the user's choice may vary depending on their preferences.

The best three attack combinations to use in Clash of Clans for Town Hall 9

Listed below are the three best attack combinations to utilize in Town Hall 9:

3) Witch Slap

  • Troops for the attack: 9 Witches + 1 Golem + 4 Healers + 4 Wizards + 5 Wall Breakers
  • Spells for the attack: 2 Rage + 1 Heal + 1 Jump + 1 Poison
  • Clan Castle: 1 Golem / 5 Bowlers + 1 Poison Spell

Witch Slap is a viable attacking strategy in Clash of Clans and is fairly popular within the game's community. Many users prefer this during Clan Wars as it's highly effective.

For this combination, players should first deploy the Golem and then evenly distribute the Witches behind it. They should subsequently position the Healers behind the Witches while placing the Heroes appropriately.

Wall Breakers may be used to break through the first layer of the base, after which the Jump Spell must be utilized correctly to reach the base's center. Individuals must cautiously use other spells to be successful and get a 3-star attack.

2) Dragon attack

  • Troops for the attack: 9 Dragons and 8 Balloons.
  • Spells for the attack: Lightning Spells, 1 Rage Spell, and 1 Poison Spell
  • Clan Castle: Balloons

Aerial attacks are among the most effective strategies if you’re anywhere between TH9 and TH12. While using this, one thing to ensure before deploying your army on the battlefield is to take down all Air Defenses first with the Lightning Spells. However, if the enemy has placed multiple defenses around their Air Defenses, try to destroy all of them by dropping the Spell at the defenses’ juncture.

After this, deploy all your Balloons near the base’s area from where you wish to break into the village. However, avoid deploying all the troops in one spot. Back up this procession by Dragons and let the army advance towards the base’s core. Note that if you wish to send your army directly to the base’s core, you must perform Funneling via your Heroes before deploying the main army.

Additionally, wait for the perfect time for dropping the Rage Spell, as it can significantly affect the number of stars you acquire from the raid.

1) GoWiPe

  • Troops for the attack: 2 Golems + 3 Pekkas + 15 Wizards + 5 Wall Breakers + 10 Archers + 1 Hog Rider
  • Spells for the attack: 2 Heal + 1 Rage + 1 Jump + 1 Poison
  • Clan Castle: 1 Pekka + Filler troops (Archers/Wizard) + 1 Poison Spell

The GoWiPe combination is at the top of the list and is probably the best ground attack combination that users can utilize in Town Hall 9. It is fairly risk-free and almost never fails, with the exception of situations where players completely botch the attack.

To begin, players must drop their Golems and utilize Wall Breakers to drive them towards the center of their base. Players must then deploy Pekkas, Wizards, and Heroes behind these Golems, which will act as a tank and absorb damage.

In the meantime, one Hog Rider has been added to the mix for War Attacks in Clash of Clans as they can help lure out the enemy's Clan Castle troops.

In addition to the combinations listed above, Clash of Clans players can employ other popular options such as Mass Dragons and GoVaHo for a successful attack. These also work well and can assist them in both Multiplayer and Clan Wars.

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