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Top 3 games like Fall Guys on Xbox

(Image Credit: Spieltimes)
(Image Credit: Spieltimes)
Brandon Moore
Modified 29 Aug 2020, 01:30 IST
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Fall Guys Season 2 is arriving on PC and PlayStation 4 soon. Xbox players are still being left behind. Developer Mediatonic has expressed interest in moving the game to other platforms, but there has been zero confirmation of that.

For those players who only have an Xbox and want to get their hands on Fall Guys, they will just have to wait. Until the day it comes, though, there are a handful of games that can be played on Xbox to fill that Fall Guys shaped hole. They aren't Fall Guys, but they are unique and fun enough to make Xbox players feel less left out.

3 best games similar to Fall Guys for Xbox players

#3 โ€“ Human: Fall Flat

(Image Credit: No Brakes Games)
(Image Credit: No Brakes Games)

Human: Fall Flat is a platform-puzzle game that has been on the Xbox since 2017. The game has players work together by climbing ledges, grabbing objects, and simply surviving until reaching the end. It also features several customization options for the in-game character, known as Bob.

There are a vast amount of levels with different themes and unique puzzles to solve. Players aim to solve a variety of these puzzles throughout open-ended levels. There are so many ways to overcome the puzzles giving the game great replayability.

#2 โ€“ Gang Beasts

(Image Credit: Boneloaf)
(Image Credit: Boneloaf)

Gang Beasts is another party game that can be played on Xbox. The characters in the game are rather gelatinous and flippy, not quite unlike the beans found in Fall Guys. Gang Beasts plays a host to melee fight sequences and hazardous environments, all set in the fictional Beef City.

The object of the game is to cause your opponent to fall from one of the various stages in the game. From boxing rings to moving semi-trucks, the players can punch, kick, and throw opponents to be the last one standing.

#1 โ€“ Fortnite

Fortnite has something in common with Fall Guys other than just being considered a battle royale game. Fortnite's Creative mode has a recreation of Fall Guys known as Tumble Lads. It can be played on any platform that Fortnite is found on. That means it has one thing Fall Guys doesn't โ€” cross-platform play.

For those on Xbox, this can cure that Fall Guys itch. Everything from the skins to the craziness of the mini games transfers across to Fortnite quite well. There are several mini games in Tumble Lads for opponents to test their survival skills. There may be no crown on the line, but this is really the next best thing when comparing how similar the Creative island and Fall Guys really are.

Published 29 Aug 2020, 01:30 IST
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